Monday, July 09, 2007

Nigerian gunmen release British toddler

-- From Wikinews

July 9, 2007

Nigerian gunmen have released three-year-old Margaret Hill, after holding her captive for four days. The toddler has since been reunited with her parents. She is reportedly in good health but covered with mosquito bites and also hungry, having not eaten recently.

The kidnappers had threatened to kill the toddler unless a ransom was paid or Mr. Hill came to take her place. The family claims no ransom was paid for her freedom. She was kidnapped from her car on July 5, on her way to school. Her driver was stabbed trying to protect Margaret.

More than 200 hostages have been taken by armed groups in the last 18 months in Nigeria, but none has ever been killed.

Margaret was the third child to be kidnapped in the last six weeks.

Nigeria remains on the 'Unsafe and To Be Avoided List' maintained by the Dominion of British West Florida

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