Thursday, July 12, 2007

Corbett-On-The-Merrill: Selected as HQ Imperial Geophysical Org.

Corbett-On-The-Merrill: HQ Imperial Geophysical Org.

Imperiumn News Service NEWS RELEASE:

The Imperial Government of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates has selected "Corbett-On-The-Merrill", as it's Official Site for the "Intermicronational Geophysical Year"; a project which invites all interested micronationalists to become amateur scientists, and conduct surveys, expeditions and / or experiments of their natural environment, and which was recently proposed to the greater micronational community
of nations by President Baugh of the Republic of Molossia.

"Corbett-On-The-Merrill" is comprised of several adjacent rental properties, which cover several large lots of land, and is owned and operated by a divisional-subsidiary of the DeWaCo Land Management Organization; as well as, once served as the former Official Winter Residences for several members of the Imperial Family, for several past years.

"Corbett-On-The-Merrill" currently serves as one of the Lord Imperator's Executive Offices for Operations; but has space available for the recording of all surveys, experiments, and results of all expeditions which will be conducted and funded by the Imperial Government for the micro-project: "Intermicronational Geophysical Year".

Three seperate Houses, two which are rented or leased, and four seperate Out Buildings, comprise "Corbett-On-The-Merrill"; whereby the largest of the four Out Buildings [ Garages and/or Sheds ] will be allocated to, and utilized for, the Headquarters of the newly established: IMPERIAL GEOPHYSICAL ORGANIZATION / I.G.O.

[ Official Organizational Motto: "I Go To Discover" ]

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