Friday, December 15, 2006

Vikesland Launches Broadcast Channel

- Brandon Royal Compound

Prince Christopher I of Vikesland has announced the launch of the Vikeslandic Broadcast Channel. According to its website, the Vikeslandic Broadcast system was created for a specific audience of Vikeslandic citizens and Micronationalists in general. The VBC is the first micronational channel dedicated soley for broadcast of Vikeslandic and Micronational programming.

The Station currently has several films available including documentaries and films from the 2006 micronational film festival.

The Vikeslandic broadcast system is now also branching into the realms of providing Non Micronational TV stations as part of our broadcast agenda, and the Prince will be posting small video diaries as he shoots the documentary series Vikesland: How I created a nation.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Parliament Prorogued until 15 January 2007

- Virtual Pensacola

The Parliament in and for the Dominion of British West Florida has, by the command of the Governor-General been Prorogued. The Houses of Parliament will reconvene on the Monday following 12th day.

The House of Lords requested that the Governor-General take this action so that they could spend more time with their families during the Christmas Season. The Governor-General issued the Prorogation Order on Sunday, in a break from his usual Monday through Friday style.

The Governor-General has announced that Parliament will reassemble without a formal 'Opening of Parliament' ceremony, however it is expected that the Governor-General will provide a 'Throne Talk' upon the reassembly of the Parliament.

Prorogation (dismissing parliament to reassemble later without an intervening election for the House of Commons) is uncommon in most Realms, but the Dominion of British West Florida makes use of prorogation frequently throughout the year. Some commentators have suggested that the Dominion makes more use of prorogation because its Members of Parliament (MPs)and Lords are not paid for their time in session.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Open Micronation Forum Established

- Virtual Pensacola

The Baron Von Servers has announced that a open micronational forum has been established at The new international debate society has as one of its main goals the exchange of ideas, information, and discussion among micronationalists from all micronations.

"This isn't a DBWF forum, or an Imperium forum, nor it is even a 5WC forum. It is shared resource for the entire world of micronationalists." the Baron was quoted as saying during discussions on the subject.

The new forum will be open to anyone who wants to talk about micronational issues, from the 'just-for-fun school student' to the 'deadly serious secessionist'. The Baron will function as on the moderators on the board, to ensure that civility is maintained, but has stated that he will not censor the discussions based on their political content.

The Baron stated that "No one who is willing to remain civil should be prevented from expressing their ideas. I see this forum as an alternative to others on the network where a narrow definition of 'micronationalism' is enforced. I have no intention of having that happen on this board. If folks can say it within the bounds of civility and morality, then they will have a chance to say it here."

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Imperium Dresses up the Castle for Chistmas

- Imperium of DeWaCo Estates

In keeping with seasonal and Christmas holiday traditions, several members of the Imperial Family decorated the interior and exterior of White Castle Estate.

The exterior roof line has been draped with white lights, and a tall evergreen tree located on the south lawn was also decorated with white lights and ornaments.

The interior has been decorated, with nearly every room decked in individual themes designed by each member of the Imperial Family.

Seasonal music is played over the interior and exterior speaker systems, as mechanical characters seem to come to life outside on the lawns.

A manger scene is planned, and will feature several live farm animals such as sheep and a poney.

Several of the Imperial Family Privately Owned Vehicles were also decorated with interior and exterior lights.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Open Source Software fits the Bill

- Virtual Pensacola

The Governor-General has granted Assent to the Government Software Procurement Act.

Last Month the House of Lords approved and laid before the Throne a bill to require that the Government use Free and Open Source Software where ever possible. The discussion in the Chambers of the House of Lords focused on the Standards to be used, and on the issue of non-government accquired software.

The House of Lords approved the bill on 22 November, and it was 'Laid before the Throne' on the 27th.

With today's grant of assent the Bill became an Act of the Parliament of the Dominion of British West Florida. The Dominion joins a number of other nations with provisions requiring that Open Solutions be the 'first choice' of Government.

The Chairman of the House of Lords Select Committee on Stationery and Stamps will be required to fill reports on the software chosen by the Government.

Grand Duke Philip of Westarctica calls for new Minister of Information.

- Westarctica

The Grand Duke Philip I of Westarctica, recently recovered from a respitory illness, has begun a search for a new Minister of Information.

This cabinet level position requires a person to know HTML, XHTML, CSS and PHP, and be able to maintain the Grand Duchy's web sites. The Grand Duchy has a Westarctican home in cyberspace, and also maintains The Westarctican News portal site. The current Grand Duke once held this position himself.

According to offical sources the new Minister of Information shall take seat in the Grand Duke's Cabinet upon appointment.