Thursday, July 05, 2007

Governor-General issues statement condemning Nigerian Delta area hostage taking.

-- Virtual Pensacola, Governor-General's Press Releases

The Government of the Dominion of British West Florida condemns the kidnappings earlier today of oil platform workers in the Nigerian Delta area. While the Dominion acknowledges that some groups in the area may have legitimate issues with the Nigerian Government, this use of violence is repugnant to all civilized peoples, condemned in international law, and counter to scripture. The ends do not ever justify the means, and violence against persons, especially civilians should be avoided at all times.

If this attack is motivated by mere avarice and greed, it is all the more disturbing. The people of this Dominion have not forgotten that the taking of prisoners in Africa by Africans in battles and wars was the first step in what became the African Slave trade. The colour of a man's skin does not reduce his dignity – it did not then, and it does not now. Trading in human freedom for personal and community profit is as ugly now as it was then. To sell a man and call it 'ransom' is frighteningly close to a return to the horrors of a past we should all seek to avoid.

We call upon the captors of Bruce Klenner and Gottard Brene from New Zealand, Jason Lane from Australia, Lebanese George Saliba and Andreas Gambra from Venezuela to release them immediately.

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