Saturday, July 21, 2007

Queen Benelea I hosts Personal and Political 'Tryst'

-- Kingdom of Fergus News Service

Queen Benelea I of the Kingdom of Fergus entertained transgendered sister Latisha Louis and an unidentified companion in the Queen's Tryst Protectorate yesterday.

A variety of transgendered issues were discussed and her majesty expressed satisfaction over the visit given the paucity of transgendered individuals in the vicinity of the Kingdom.

Queen Benelea I is one of the Personae of Ben Ferguson, a candidate for macronational political office in Kansas.

The candidate Ferguson's political views (which were in part the subject matter of the discussions in the Protectorate) are explained on the Libertarian Candidate's page.

Their Majestries believe that when people across the political spectrum engage each other in respectful conversation and debate they often discover how much we do indeed have in common.

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