Wednesday, January 31, 2007

India wins the cricket series against West Indies by 3-1

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India has won the 4-match Pepsi cricket series against West Indies by 3-1 today in Vadodara.

India won the match by a huge difference of 160 runs. India made 341 runs in 50 overs by losing 3 wickets. Sachin Tendulkar completed his 41st century in only 76 balls. Mahendra Singh Dhoni made 40 runs in just 20 balls, hitting 1 four and 3 sixes.

West Indies played under pressure and lost their wickets in regular intervals. The highest-run partnership of the West Indian innings was of 65 runs between Samuels and Ramdin. The team were all out on 181 runs in 41.4 overs. Agarkar and Kumble took 2 wickets each.

Player of the match as well as player of the series, Sachin Tendulkar, performed well. He made his 41st ODI century which is the highest by any player in the One-Day international. He made 191 runs (avg 63.66) and took 3 wickets (avg 37.33) in 4 matches in the series.

Sweden to open Embassy in Second Life

Sweden is at an advanced stage of planning the opening of the worlds’ first official embassy in Second Life.

The embassy, a copy of Sweden’s embassy House of Sweden, in Washington D.C., will provide visitors with information about Sweden and act as a link between the real and the virtual world. The official portal of Sweden,, will also be reached through the virtual embassy

- Reaching out internationally, to an increasingly selective crowd, calls for an inventive and progressive way of working with communication. It is of great importance that we find our target groups where they are most likely to be open to our information, in their own context. Second Life is one of many alternative channels we ought to look further into, says Olle Wästberg, Director General of the Swedish Institute.

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world and is built and owned by its residents. Since the opening, in 2003, it has grown explosively and is inhabited by 3,082,561 residents from all over the world.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Experts discuss progress of Caribbean Court of Justice

Commonwealth justices and registrars convene to analyse the court’s first 18 months in action

A Commonwealth meeting of justices and registrars is taking place this week to analyse the achievements of the Caribbean Court of Justice in its first 18 months of operation.

Inaugurated in April 2005, the Caribbean Court of Justice is a unique judicial institution that possesses an original and an appellate jurisdiction. The court was formed after it detached itself from the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, which is the highest court of appeal for several Commonwealth countries and overseas territories of the United Kingdom.

The workshop, organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Law Development Section, aims to provide an opportunity for officials of regional courts and final appellate courts to observe the procedures of the Caribbean Court of Justice.

“The discussions during the meetings have shown that there is a trend of more people accepting the Caribbean Court of Justice as the final appeal court for the region,” said Cheryl Thompson-Barrow, Adviser and Head of the Law Development Section.

“Public education and awareness play a crucial role in this process. This workshop is therefore timely as it assists in raising the profile of the court.”

The first leg of the meeting was held in Jamaica from 22 to 26 January 2007. It focused on the evolution of the Court and the legal challenges resulting from its detachment from the Privy Council.

From 29 to 30 January, the meeting continued in Barbados - a signatory to both jurisdictions of the court.

The workshop will reconvene in Trinidad from 1 to 2 February, where delegates will tour the court and its library. The delegation includes legal and court officials from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa and the Economic Community of West African States.

Governor-General's Martyrdom of King Charles I day Proclamation

Today, 30 January, is the 358th anniversary of the Darkest Day in the history of the Crown. On this day, HM Charles I, King and Martyr was executed by the will of 'Parliament' so called.

His Majesty's crime was to assert his Right and Duty as Monarch, and to resist those who would use the Power of the State to compel men's Souls.

HM Charles I, was an Anglican, His wife a Roman Catholic. In a time when Europe, Parliament and the people tended towards violence over questions of Religious Practice, His Majesty stands out as an icon of steadfast adherence to one's beliefs, and toleration of those who believe differently.

While he insisted on the maintenance of the Church of England, with its Bishops, as the Established Church of England, he fought worked against religious hatred, especially in his Realms. In a letter to Pope Gregory XV, dated 20 April 1623, His Majesty wrote:

“Be your holiness persuaded that I am, and ever shall be, of such moderation as to keep aloof, as far as possible, from every undertaking which may testify any hatred towards the Roman Catholic religion. Nay, rather I will seize all opportunities, by a gentle and generous mode of conduct, to remove all sinister suspicions entirely; so that, as we all confess one undivided Trinity and one Christ crucified, we may be banded together unanimously into one faith.”

His Majesty also fought to retain the Active Crown in Parliament. His last words addressed his position very well. On the scaffold, he repeated his case: 'I must tell you that the liberty and freedom [of the people] consists in having of Government, those laws by which their life and their goods may be most their own. .... A subject and a sovereign are clean different things. If I would have given way to an arbitrary way, for to have all laws changed according to the Power of the Sword, I needed not to have come here, and therefore I tell you ... that I am the martyr of the people.'

His final words were 'I go from a corruptible to an incorruptible Crown, where no disturbance can be.' “

Being mindful of these things, I feel it proper to proclaim today to be a national day of Prayer for Forgiveness, Steadfastness and Religious Toleration, here and across the globe.

Now therefore, I Robert VII, Duke of Florida, Lord of St. George, GSB, as Her Majesty's Governor-General in and for the Dominion of British West Florida do hereby Proclaim this the 30th day of January in the Year of Our Lord 2007, and of Her Majesty's Reign the 54th, and of our Dominion the 233rd, to be a Solemn Day of Prayers to Almighty God.

Let us pray for Forgiveness of our own Failures to be Steadfast in our Beliefs, Dedicated to our People, and Tolerant of the Beliefs of others.

Let us pray also for the Strength to remain true to our God, and our Fellow man, neither surrendering our own conscience at the alter of the popular will, not seeking to compel others to do so.

Let us pray that we will follow the example of the Good Samaratin, and help those who are placed in our path, with out regard to their Beliefs, out of a True Heart.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Vikeslandic Broadcasting to carry Flash Gordon

- Brandon Royal Compound
The Vikeslandic Broadcast system was created for a specific audience of Vikeslandic citizens and Micronationalists in general. The VBC is the first micronational channel dedicated soley for broadcast of Vikeslandic and Micronational programming.

The Vikeslandic broadcast system is now as well branching into the realms of providing Non Micronational TV stations as part of our broadcast agenda. As part of this expansion, the VBC is now offering Flash Gordon, the Series.

His Serene Highness, Prince Christopher I is quoted as saying "I would like to announce that we have acquired Flash Gordon serials for the viewing pleasure of Vikeslandics and others."

You may view the serials on our the Vikeslandic Broadcasting webpage.

Micronational Prayer Group Founded

- 5WC and contributing editors

Micronational Prayer Group (MPG). was founded by Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini, High Priest of the Cesidian Church, and Chaplain of good men and women of all faiths.

The MPG is a ecumenical prayer group uniting many different micronational churches and religions for the purpose of special and united prayer.

The MPG is open to any religious group that could be legally accepted in the Fifth World Council (5WC): any Christian and Jewish denomination, any Buddhist school, any Hinduist or Vedic school, any Pagan, as well as any member of the Cesidian Church (Cesidians).

The MPG hopes to encourage people of diverse faiths towards weekly and special prayer sessions whose purpose is to foster micronational growth and success.

The First Session is scheduled for next Sunday (21 January 2007).

Lord Marshall Concerned over Throne Talk

- Virtual Pensacola

Certain of the Members of the House of Lords expressed concerns over the proposed legislation mentioned in the Governor-General's Throne speech.

The Lord Marshall has suggested a five point plan for consideration of the Governor-Generals proposals. These five points are:
1)Will we 'Recognize' every child who signs an Abstinence Pledge? If so, how?
2)What kind of reward can we actually offer to those who Marry before starting a family?
3)What kind of Support is intended for the young fathers? Would it not be appropriate for the young mothers as well?
4)How do we as the Government walk the fine line between the Government Mandate to promote order and the Religious Liberty of our Dominion?
5)Has the Government taken the reactions of other Governments into consideration before determining this course?

The Governor-General's Office has responded to the Lord Marshall's frame work by issuing the following statement: “The Lord Marshall's framework for discussion is appropriate and thoughtful. Items 4 and 5 of the framework, in particular, should be applied to ANY discussion of legislation before the Lords, as they are among the questions I ask myself before granting Assent.”

The Governor-General's office had no word on when the bills mentioned in the Throne Talk will be presented to Parliament

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Full Text of the Governor-General's Throne Talk (Reopening of Parliament)

- Virtual Pensacola
Full Text of the Governor-General's Throne Talk upon the Re-opening of Parliament

My Lords and Ladies, Peers of the Realms, Members of the House of Commons, Fellow Subjects, and Honoured Guests, I welcome you to the Reconvening of Parliament in and for the Dominion of British West Florida.

As the representative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God Queen of the Dominion
of British West Florida and Her Other Realms, Defender of the Faith, I am honoured to welcome the members of the Houses of Lords and Commons back to the Houses of Parliament in Virtual Pensacola.

We must continue to come together, under God and the Crown, to offer leadership and hope to the People of the former colony of British West Florida.

The fabric of our society is the traditional family, where children are reared by loving parents in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. This fabric has been strained by the rapid rise in unwed mothers, fathers who are absent physically or emotionally, and the decline in attention to the Laws of God.

We must take action to repair and strengthen this fabric. We must remind our young people that true love waits. We must encourage the presence, physical and emotional, of both parents in all of our children's lives. We must restore the Christian Faith and its supports, including the Scriptures as foundational in our society.

My Lords and Ladies, Peers of the Realms, Members of the House of Commons,

I will propose legislation to recognize those young people who take the abstinence until marriage pledge, and reward those young couples that that marry before they begin their own families.

I will propose legislation that encourages young fathers to spend time with their children, and provides support for them to do so.

I remind you that I will consider all Acts of Parliament in light of the Scriptures and my Oath before granting Assent.

My Lords and Ladies, Peers of the Realms, Members of the House of Commons, It will be remain beholding duty to prayerfully and wisely consider these bills, and such others as may be presented to you for the governance of this Dominion. Our Traditional Government has always depended on the tripod of Crown, Lords and Commons. In these times, each support must actively carry its share of the burden.

My Lords and Ladies, it remains your duty to provide for the care and governance of those entrusted to you to the best of your ability and to advise the Crown on any matters properly brought to your attention.

Peers of the Realms, I shall look to you for advise, private council, and public support of Our government.

Members of the House of Commons, it remains your duty to represent to the Crown the concerns of your standings, and to advise the Crown on any matters brought before you as representatives of the People.

May God, who grants wisdom to all who ask, richly pour out His blessings on this Parliament, and on the Dominion of British West Florida

God Save this Dominion of British West Florida.

God Save Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Robert, Duke of Florida, Lord of St. George, GSB
Her Majesty's Governor-General in and for the
Dominion of British West Florida.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Governor-General Condemns US actions at Iranian Consulate in Erbil, Kurdish Iraq

- Virtual Pensacola

The Government of the Dominion of British West Florida express its dismay and condemnation of the American action against the official consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The consulate was opened by agreement between the governments of Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and enjoys immunity and protection under the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

The People of the Dominion of British West Florida join the people of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in protest against and rejection of this action which violates their internal sovereignty. We call for the immediate release of those arrested.

Unlike other parts of Iraq, the Kurdistan Region enjoys safety, security, stability and the rule of law. The US action does not conform to the policy of attempting to spread security and stability throughout all of Iraq. No military action should be taken in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq by coalition forces without consultations with security authorities here.

Robert, Duke of Florida, Lord of St. George, GSB
Her Majesty's Governor-General in and for the
Dominion of British West Florida.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Sudan to return to the Pound

- Wikinews

The Central Bank of Sudan has started circulation of the new Sudanese pound that is to replace the current Sudanese dinar. This measure is part of the peace agreement signed between the Government of Sudan and the SPLA, that ended a 20-year old civil war.

The dinar was viewed in the south as part of an attempted "Arabisation" of Sudan by the previous government and was not in circulation in areas controlled by the southern rebel movement. Several alternative currencies, including old Sudanese pounds were used instead.

According to Sabir Mohamed Al Hassan, the governor of the Central Bank of Sudan, the dinar will remain in circulation, along with the pound, for an interim period of six month before it is discontinued on July 1, 2007.

The conversion rate set by the Central bank is 1 Sudanese pound equals 100 Sudanese dinars, and 1 piaster is equivalent to 1 dinar. A U.S. dollar trades for about 200 dinars.

The Central Bank said that the new currency design will reflect Sudan's peace vision, unity in diversity, civilization, natural resources and economic progress. Several themes were avoided in the new design including human portraits, references to wars and conflict, and religous and ethnic symbols.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Governor-General issues statement on the Passing of David Ervine

- Virtual Pensacola

I have heard with great sadness of the death of David Ervine.

His has been a voice of reconciliation and of common sense. His remarkable contribution to the search for a lasting peace on the island of Ireland was shown in his courageous support for the Good Friday Agreement. David had worked patiently for years to restore Loyalism and to forge a strong new voice for his community. But he will be remembered and respected for his readiness to reach out to others and for his commitment to peace and hope in place of violence and old hatreds.

The Samaritan on the road to Jericho expressed no greater concern for those who once thought themselves his enemies than did David Ervine. As that good man in a troubled land so long ago sought to bind the wounds of a traveler, so David sought to bind the wounds of a people in a troubled land today.

All of us who seek a durable peace will sorely miss this man who brought a unique humanity and vitality to the ongoing deliberations. His loss at this time of intensive effort to restore the institutions of civil government under the Crown will be keenly felt by his many friends, and all those in the Commonwealth who wish to see a lasting and just peace on the Islands.

To the members of his family foremost, and also to all those associated with Loyalism and the peace process I extend my deepest condolences on their bereavement.

May our Lord receive unto Himself this great man of peace, and bring to those who are now left to face the world without David Ervine a calm assurance of restoration at the Last Day.

Robert, Duke of Florida, Lord of St. George, GSB
Her Majesty's Governor-General in and for the
Dominion of British West Florida.

Prince Laurent of Belgium to Testify in Fraud Case

January 9, 2007
- Wikinews

Prince Laurent of Belgium, the youngest son of King Albert II of Belgium, has been questioned last night by the federal police and is attending today's court session in Hasselt in a marine fraud case that has gripped Belgian media since last December. He arrived in a Smart car and was accompanied by his lawyer and former politician Fred Erdman. The case turns around funds of the Belgian Navy that have been used to beautify the Prince's villa in Tervuren. The Prince is expected to testify this afternoon.

In total, € 2.2 million was supposedly diverted from the marine's purchasing services using false invoices. Roughly € 185 000 was allegedly used to paint the Prince's villa, install lights in the garden, for the purchase of carpet and furniture, and for his secretariat and for animal clinics the Prince supports via his Foundation. Twelve marine officers and contractors are being accused of document fraud, working as a gang, bribe, embezzlement of government money etc. and could face 10 years in prison. The money was part of the budget that wasn't spent at the end of the year, and which would flow back to the government if the army didn't spend it.

The Prince, who is also an officer in the navy, is being treated only as a witness in this case, there have been no charges against him. The Attorney General in Hasselt Marc Rubens has said that there are no elements in the investigation that point to the fact that Laurent was aware of the affair, however several accused have contested this in the press. Technically, the villa is not the property of the Prince himself, but of the Royal Gift, which manages the real property of the Royal Family.

During his interview by the police last night, Prince Laurent stated that he needed funds to renovate his villa, and that Noël Vaessen, his adviser, told him the Navy could help him. The Prince stated that he thought it was legal, and that he had no reason to doubt his adviser.

Ex-Colonel Noël Vaessen was an adviser of the Prince between 1993 and 1999. Vaessen has declared in the media during the last month that the Prince actively participated in the fraud, and that he fears a cover-up. He said that the Prince was a demanding party in the operation, and that "he knew that we were arranging things to make his life and his work as comfortable as possible." According to Vaessen, the Prince was in need of money to support a royal lifestyle, and "didn't even have enough money to buy food."

In 2001, Vaessen was discharged with honour from the army "for medical reasons", but Defence Minister André Flahaut is investigating if there was no agreement to give him his pension in exchange for the fact that he wouldn't incriminate the Prince. Vaessen also accused the Prince of other things, such as racing against the high-speed train TGV on a French highway. He has also incriminated Admiral Herteleer. Captain Johan Claeys, one of the accused, studied with the Prince and worked at the facturation services of the Navy in 1998 and 1999. One of the accused contractors, Marc Luypaerts, has told the press that the judge responsible for the investigation in Hasselt had forbidden him to speak about Prince Laurent.

Laurent's status as a Prince has several judicial consequences for the trial. In Belgium, it's against the law to incriminate the Royal Family during a trial. Also, the Prince is protected from judicial pursuit because he is also a Senator by law. Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx has issued a Royal Decrete, which the King has signed while on holiday in Napels, which would make it possible for Princes to testify in a trial.

However, Public Prosecutor Erwin Steyls has chosen to have Laurent interrogated by the police last night in Hasselt. This was the first time during the last six years of the inquiry that the Prince was questioned. Today in the court, the Prosecutor defended the act of having him questioned outside the trial, saying that there were several procedural issues. First, the subpoena for the Prince wasn't issued in time to be legal. Second, the details of the protocol to hear the Prince in court were not explained in the recent Royal Decrete, making it worthless -something Minister Onkelickx denied. Thirdly, nobody can be forced to testify against himself, and if the Prince were to make false statements under oath, he could only be sued for perjury. However, the court has decided to let him testify anyway this afternoon.

Nobody is above the law and the Justice Department must be able to complete it's task in full independence. When the courts find embezzlements, it seems fair to me that they would be compensated by anyone who profited from them. End Quote
-King Albert II of Belgium.

During the last month, the case has caused a several spin-off discussions in Belgium. One of the surprises during this period was the King's Christmas Message, in which he referred to the case. The regional governments are now investigating and discussing their donations to the IRGT/KINT, an environmental organisation supported by Prince Laurent. But there is also an ongoing debate over the position of the Monarchy in Belgium. Some politicians are suggesting to limit the role of the Monarchy, and other think that only the King and Queen, the Crown Prince or Princess and the widow(er) of the King or Queen should receive state funding.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Her Majesty's Christmas Address (2006)

- The Palace

I have lived long enough to know that things never remain quite the same for very long.

One of the things that has not changed all that much for me is the celebration of Christmas.

It remains a time when I try to put aside the anxieties of the moment and remember that Christ was born to bring peace and tolerance to a troubled world. The birth of Jesus naturally turns our thoughts to all new-born children and what the future holds for them. The birth of a baby brings great happiness - but then the business of growing up begins.

It is a process that starts within the protection and care of parents and other members of the family - including the older generation. Dedicated teachers, friends and voluntary workers, like these here at Southwark Cathedral, have much to contribute.

As with any team, there is strength in combination: what grandparent has not wished for the best possible upbringing for their grandchildren or felt an enormous sense of pride at their achievements? But, despite the many community projects like this one, the pressures of modern life sometimes seem to be weakening the links which have traditionally kept us together as families and communities. As children grow up and develop their own sense of confidence and independence in the ever-changing technological environment, there is always the danger of a real divide opening up between young and old, based on unfamiliarity, ignorance or misunderstanding.

It is worth bearing in mind that all of our faith communities encourage the bridging of that divide. The wisdom and experience of the great religions point to the need to nurture and guide the young, and to encourage respect for the elderly.

Christ himself told his disciples to let the children come to him, and Saint Paul reminded parents to be gentle with their children, and children to appreciate their parents.

The scriptures and traditions of the other faiths enshrine the same fundamental guidance.

It is very easy to concentrate on the differences between the religious faiths and to forget what they have in common - people of different faiths are bound together by the need to help the younger generation to become considerate and active citizens.
And there is another cause for hope that we can do better in the future at bridging the generation gap. As older people remain more active for longer, the opportunities to look for new ways to bring young and old together are multiplying.

As I look back on these past 12 months, marked in particular for me by the very generous response to my 80th birthday, I especially value the opportunities I have had to meet young people. I am impressed by their energy and vitality, and by their ambition to learn and to travel.

It makes me wonder what contribution older people can make to help them realise their ambitions.

I am reminded of a lady of about my age who was asked by an earnest, little granddaughter the other day: "Granny, can you remember the Stone Age?"

Whilst that may be going a bit far, the older generation are able to give a sense of context, as well as the wisdom of experience which can be invaluable. Such advice and comfort are probably needed more often than younger people admit or older people recognise. I hope that this is something that all of us, young or old, can reflect on at this special time of year.

For Christians, Christmas marks the birth of our Saviour, but it is also a wonderful occasion to bring the generations together in a shared festival of peace, tolerance and goodwill.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas together.

His Highness the Prince of Wales to visit North America

His Highness the Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall will visit the cities of New York and Philadelphia on January 27th and 28th.

His Highness the Prince Charles will receive the Harvard Club's global environmental citizen award in New York from last year's winner, former US vice-president
Al Gore.

The Timing of His Highness' visit to Philadelphia would allow him to attend services at St. Clements commemorating his namesake and last person to be canonized by the Anglican Church, Saint Charles King and Martyr.