Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ashbourton celebrates it's 1st anniversary.

-- Open Micronational Forum / ABC News Service

Ashbourton celebrated it's 1st anniversary July 21st. with celebrations still on-going, until Friday when a firework show will be displayed at the Commonwealth of Driftwood (where the Principality was founded).

On July 21, Governor-General Garcia recreated the signing of the letter of Independence which by our standards set the stages for the Tetrarch of Ashbourton to be formed. (the former name of Ashbourton) Monday was the banquet where local officials who actually support the Principality were hosted to dinner by the Prince and his Fiancee; Princess Amber Mager. Since Tuesday, it has been an open, outdoors even with a BBQ and fun filled games for the toodlers of the royal family, and continued on until Wednesday. Thursday will be a day of remembrance, since tomorrow would be the day a family member died 3 years ago. And, on Friday will be the knighting of Mr. Micheal Adamski, for his generous support and being a great neighbor. His land will be rolled into Driftwood to create the new massive Commonwealth of Hernandez-Adamski. (effective August 3rd) With a massive firework show being displayed in front of the Commonwealth of Driftwood.

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