Friday, May 30, 2008

Lord Imperator Exercise Veto Power – Imperial External Citizens Act Rejected.

Lord Imperator Exercise Veto Power – Imperial External Citizens Act Rejected.

-- Imperial News Service

The Lord Imperator ~ CommiCzar issued His veto to over-rule a vote presented to Him, on a proposed Law of the Lands which was known as the "External Citizens Act"; which would open up Imperial Citizen to all Imperial Subjects / Employees, as well as allowing for People who reside around the world, to petition and apply for Imperial Citizenship as an "External Citizen" - those who do not reside in proximity to Imperium Lands.

Identical-to-similar proposals have been introduced on the Floors of the Forums of the Imperial Government countless times in the past; with all such proposals being approved with vote from all Officials and Officers of the Imperial Government's legislative systems, but being erased by veto.

The Executive Veto maintains that there must remain a permanent but friendly separation, between:
1)Imperial Citizens (the extended Imperiall Family & Friends granted the privilege) , and
2)that of Imperial Subjects - Employees Full Time & Part Time ; and
3)that "Externals" [ People without Proximity / World Wide ] are not to even ever be considered,

It is the stated belief of the Lord Imperator ~ CommiCzar that although "Externals" could bring progress to the Imperium, the fact is that they reside too distant for actual physical interaction and supervision. And it is on this it is on this basis, that there should never ever be any consideration for the allowing of "External Citizenship" to exist.

The Lord Imperator firmly rejected arguments in support of the legislation, pointing out that protection of the Imperium and its Culture remains his responsibility, and that it is his Duty to reject the advise of the Legislature when in his consideration the proposed bill would bring harm to the nation.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Text of the Governor-General's Restoration Day Speech

On Restoration Day, 2008.
My Fellow Loyal Subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen in this Realm, it is my privilege to address you on this the three hundred forty-eighth anniversary of the Triumphal return of HM King Charles the second and the Restoration of the Monarchy.

His parents, Charles I and Henrietta Maria (daughter of Henry IV of France), who had been married in 1626, had a child named Charles James born to them in March 1629, but who did not live above a day. Their second infant, who was destined to live and to reign, saw the light on the 29th of May 1630, his birth being distinguished by the appearance, it was said, of a star at midday.

The restoration of the king, after a twelve years' interregnum from the death of his father, naturally brought into public view some of the remarkable events of his intermediate life. None took a more prominent place than what had happened in September 1651, immediately after his Scottish army had been overthrown by Cromwell at Worcester. It was heretofore obscurely, but now became clearly known, that the royal person had for a day been concealed in a bushy oak in a Shropshire forest, while the Commonwealth's troopers were ranging about in search of the fugitives from the late battle. The incident was romantic and striking in itself, and, in proportion to the joy in having the king once more in his legal place, was the interest felt in the tree by which he had been to all appearance providentially preserved. The ROYAL OAK accordingly became one of the familiar domestic ideas of the English people. A spray of oak in the hat was the badge of a loyalist on the recurrence of the Restoration-day. A picture of an oak tree, with a crowned figure sitting amidst the branches, and a few dragoons scouring about the neighbouring ground, was assumed as a sign upon many a tavern in town and country. Some taverns still bear at least the name—one in Paddington, near London). And 'Oak Apple-day' became a convertible term for the Restoration-day among the rustic population.

It was on his thirtieth birthday, the 29th of May 1660, that the distresses and vicissitudes of his early life were closed by his triumphal entry as king into London. His restoration might properly be dated from the 8th of May, when he was proclaimed as sovereign of the three kingdoms in London: but the day of his entry into the metropolis, being also his birthday, was adopted as the date of that happy event. Never had England known a day of greater happiness. Defend the Commonwealth who may—make a hero of Protector Oliver with highest eloquence and deftest literary art—the intoxicated delight of the people in getting quit of them, and all connected with them, is their sufficient condemnation. The truth is, it had all along been a government of great difficulty, and a government of difficulty must needs be tyrannical. The old monarchy, ill-conducted as it had been under Charles I, shone white by comparison. It was happiness overmuch for the nation to get back under it, with or without guarantees for its better behaviour in future. An army lately in rebellion joyfully marshalled the king along from Dover to London.

Thousands of mounted gentleman joined the escort, brandishing their swords, and shouting with inexpressible joy.' Evelyn saw the king arrive, and set down a note of it in his diary. He speaks of the way strewed with flowers; the streets hung with tapestry; the bells madly ringing; the fountains running with wine; the magistrates and the companies all out in their ceremonial dresses—chains of gold, and banners; nobles in cloth of silver and gold; the windows and balconies full of ladies; ’trumpets, music, and myriads of people flocking even so far as from Rochester, so as they were seven hours in passing the city, even from two in the afternoon till nine at night.' 'It was the Lord's doing,' he piously adds; unable to account for so happy a revolution as coming about by the ordinary chain of causes and effects.

It belongs more particularly to the purpose to state, that among the acts passed by parliament immediately after, was one enacting 'That in all succeeding ages the 29th of May be celebrated in every church and chapel in England, and the dominions thereof, by rendering thanks to God for the king's peaceable restoration to actual possession and exercise of his legal authority over his subjects,' &c. The service for the Restoration, like that for the preservation from the Gunpowder Treason, and the death of Charles I, was kept up till the year 1859.

These solemn holidays are restored from this day forward on the Calendar of this Government.

At the coronation of Charles II, the first triumphal arch erected in Leadenhall Street, near Lime Street, for the king to pass under on his way from the Tower to Westminster, is described in Ogilby's contemporary account of the ceremony as having in its centre a figure of Charles, royally attired, behind whom, 'on a large table, is deciphered the Royal Oak bearing crowns and sceptres instead of acorns; amongst the leaves, in a label
"----------- Miraturque novas Frondes et non sua poma."
(----------- Leaves unknown Admiring, and strange apples not her own.)

The dispensers of patronage under the Restoration had no enviable office. The entry of Charles II into his kingdom was no sooner known, than all who had any claim, however slight, upon royal consideration, hastened to exercise the right of petition. Ignoring the Convention of Breda, by which the king bound himself to respect the status quo as far as possible, the nobility and gentry sought to recover their alienated estates, clergymen prayed to be rein-stated in the pulpits from which they had been ejected, and old placeholders demanded the removal of those who had pushed them from their official stools. Secretary Nicholas was overwhelmed with claims on account of risks run, sufferings endured, goods supplied, and money advanced on behalf of the good cause; petitions which might have been endorsed, like that of the captain who entreated the wherewithal to supply his wants and pay his debts, 'The king says he cannot grant anything in this kind till his own estates be better settled.'

The brief abstracts of the memorials of less active partisans speak even more eloquently of the misery wrought by civil strife. Thomas Freebody solicits admission among the poor knights of Windsor, having been imprisoned seven times, banished twice, and compelled on three occasions to find sureties for a thousand pounds. James Towers was forced, on account of his loyalty, to throw dice for his life; and, winning the cast, was banished. Thomas Holyoke, a clergyman, saw his aged father forced from his habitation, his mother beaten so that her death was hastened, his servant killed, while he was deprived of property bringing in £300 a-year, and obliged to live on the charity of commiserating friends. Another clergyman recounts how he suffered imprisonment for three years, and was twice corporally punished for preaching against rebellion and using the Common Prayer-book.

Sir Edward Pierce, advocate at Doctors' Commons, followed Charles I to York as judge marshal of the army, which he augmented by a regiment of horse. He lost thereby his property, his profession, and his books; 'was decimated and imprisoned, yet wrote and published at much danger and expense many things very serviceable to king and church.'

There is a well-known anecdote of a silent man, who, riding over a bridge, turned about and asked his servant if he liked eggs, to which the servant answered, 'Yes;' whereupon nothing more passed till next year, when, riding over the same bridge, he turned about to his servant once more, and said, 'How?' to which. the instant answer was, 'Poached, sir.' Even this sinks, as an example of long intermission of discourse, beside an anecdote of a minister of Campsie, near Glasgow. It is stated that the worthy pastor, whose name was Archibald Denniston, was put out of his charge in 1655, and not replaced till after the Restoration. He had, before leaving his charge, begun a discourse, and finished the first head. At his return in 1661, he took up the second, calmly introducing it with the remark that 'the times were altered, but the doctrines of the gospel were always the same.'

The interregnum in England lasted 12 years. Our own fair dominion has now be unlawfully separated from its rightful crown for two hundred years. Nonetheless, though the times have altered, still the doctrines of the Gospels, and of Proper Governance have not.

We shall have again our Sovereign, and we will one day again enjoy the fruits of God and Crown Governance.

Bo Register, Marquess of Mobile, Baron Von Servers of Fayette,
Her Majesty's Governor-General in and for the Dominion of British West Florida

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monarchy Symposium Scheduled for September in Germany.

Interdisciplinary Symposium on Monarchy in September

From 26th to 28th of September 2008 there will be in Laufen a symposium with a rich program of scientific lectures, including presentations from Prof. Dr. Reinhard Heydenreuter and Prof. Dr. Karl Freiherr von Aretin and a plenary discussion. This announcement provides information about the symposium along with a call for submission of publications.

Laufen an der Salzach: (MPA) The first Monarchy Forum organized by the German Monarchist Society will be held from 26 through 28 September 2008 in Laufen in Bavaria. The purpose of this conference is to set new courses that promote the interdisciplinary discourse among political sciences, jurisprudence, and historical sciences.

Rich Lectures Program

The symposium begins on Friday evening with a welcome speech by the first governing mayor of Laufen, Mr. Hans Feil. Professor Dr. Karl Otmar Freiherr von Aretin follows immediately with a lecture on the “shipwreck of the Weimar Republic, resistance from 1932-33 in the Bavarian monarchist movement against the NS-regime, and the 1950-52 efforts towards the reintroduction of monarchy.” Dr. Freiherr von Aretin has lectured for many years at the Technical University of Darmstadt in the faculty for social and historical sciences. Dr. Freiherr von Aretin is also the former director of the Institute for European History.

On Saturday morning, Dr. Götz Freiherr von Boyneburg-Lengsfeld-Dornkasch will provide some future insight with his topic “relevance of inherited values for the 21st century.” After lunch, the distinguished jurisprudent and historican Prof. Dr. Reinhard Heydenreuter will talk about the legal status of the nobility after the year 1918.

Plenary Debate and Forecast for the Monarchy Forum 2009

On Sunday before lunch, there will be an opportunity for all participants to discuss and debate before the forum officially closes. Because there will probably be questions that remain unanswered, this debate will likely provide some suggestions for topics for the second Monarchy Forum in 2009.

Call for papers for the MOFO ‘08

As a complement to the lecture program, participants will also have access to scientific papers. For that reason the Monarchy Forum calls also for the submission of related works. Works will be considered only if they meet scientific standards and were sent in by the author(s) themselves. Paper submission closing date is September 5, 2008, at 6pm (CET).

Monarchy Forum Contact

For participant inquiries, for inquiries from the press, or to submit a paper, contact monarchieforum2008[at]googlemail[dot]com.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Vikesland - Molossia Joint Rocket Launch Delayed - Again.

The Joint rocket project between Vikesland and Molossia has once again been postponed due to weather conditions. This project has tried to happen since October 2007.

The Vikeslandic Broadcast system has this story on the problems so far.

Please watch the video here:

Imperium Observes 3 Minutes of Hope for China and Burma

The Lord Imperator ~ CommiCzar of the Imperial Government of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates requested it's Citizens and Subject to make a public expression of Hope & Help for the People of Myanmar and China this afternoon; with the observing of three minutes of silence, which began at 3:00 pm, and ended at 3:03 this afternoon.

The expression of Hope & Help was directed to those two nation's People - and NOT at either of those two nation's governments.

The "MicroMoment of Hope & Help", as it was Officially designated by the Lord Imperator ~ CommiCzar, was an expression of "hope" for the People of those two nations; as well as, an expression that all of man can "help"....if not physically and financially....maybe spiritually.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Imperium Announces Food Aid for the United States

As part of the Imperium's "Good Neighbor" foreign relations program it has authorized its Agricultural Foreign Sales Agents (AFSAs) of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) to accept less than 'anticipated full return' prices for foodstuffs sold in the United States.

Citing increasing costs for basic foods in the United States and the desire of the Imperium's Government to offer what relief if could, the Lord Imperator of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates sold beef cattle and market hogs to agents in the United States for prices substantially lower than originally forecast.

The Lord Imperator also promised to continue the 'Good Neighbor Food Aid' program for as long as financially viable for the Imperium and needed by the United States.

Imperium Reauthorizes Strategic Fuel Reserves

The Imperial Government of the Impeium of DeWaCo Estates has finalized, via phone conversation with a major US propane distributor, a new 2008-2009 Pre-Season Propane $avings Program;
which is offered to the propane distributor's customers during the pre-winter season, thereby locking in fixed propane prices for the upcoming winter season.

Several of the Imperial City's buildings are heated with propane, and as the price of propane rises consistently with the rise of oil, the Imperial Government decided once again to enter into agreement with the US propane distributor.

The Imperial Government is also keeping it's farm equipment fuel tanks at a minimum of no less than 75% full at any given time; whereas in the past, attention was not directed in re-ordering farm fuels until the tanks were either at, or else below the 40-to-50% level capacity.

The new Strategic Fuels Reserve / SFR will be under the direct authority, responsibility, and supervision of the Imperial Government's Minister of the Ministry Of Communication-Transportation Affairs / M.O.C.T.A.; and has been designated as the:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Imperium Launches "Sights and Sounds for Peace" Protest.

In an Official Act of Definace against the bush regime's war in Iraq, the Imperial Government of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates, has ordered a scheduled "SHOUT OUT" to begin at midnight*; which will result in the honking of vehicle horns, burst of notes from musical horns, firing of shotguns, and the shooting of fireworks within the limits of the Imperial City Capital Zone.

[ * starting at midnight, ending approximately three minutes later ]

The IMPERIAL "SHOUT OUT" has been Officially designated as:

The Lord Imperator ~ CommiCzar invites all peace-loving micronations to conduct similar such acts; not only against the US-Iraq War, but also against ALL "macro" wars world-wide !! [ together we can make some noise ][ pick your own protest medium ] [ need not necessary to involve / include: firearms and fireworks ]

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Governor-General issues statement on the Passing of the Father Amir of Kuwait

The Government and People of the Dominion of British West Florida express our sympathies to the Government and People of Kuwait on the passing of His Highness the Father Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah.

Sheikh Saad had faithfully served his country while his health permitted and made sacrificies for it (Kuwait) and was thus beloved and occupied a special place in hearts of all citizens.

We remember the outpouring of sympathy and the feelings of national loss at the passing of our beloved Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and pray that the people of Kuwait will be able to reflect on the good the Father Amir achieved, his dedication to duty and the brighter future he helped make possible.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Imperium Set Uniform Speed Limit

Due to recent repeats of racing and reckless driving on DeWaCo Road, by several of the younger Imperial Citizens and their guest / friends, which resulted in several incidents where autos and trux [ trucks ] became stuck in the muddy gullys [ drainage ditchs ], the Imperial Government has finally established speed limits for ALL by-ways within the Greater Capital Zone of Imperial City, CZ; as well as, all of the path-ways which link the farm fields to the Capital City, and all other sites within the Capital Zone. [ i.e. Saw Hill Mill, Timber Ridge, FairView, Grand View, Lake Blaxx, Great Lake, Warzog Sity, Obelin UniverSity, etc.....all sites of agricultural and recreational significance within the Imperium ]

The Speed Limit was set at 10mph, with any breach of the limit resulting in the immediate suspension of an individual's rights to drive within the Imperium; as well as, one's rights to drive on "foreign" [ US ] roadways. [ no time limit for suspension set, each incident on a case-by-case basis.

Molossia opens new Customs House on US Border

On May 11, President Kevin Baugh of the Republic of Molossia, a micronation located near Dayton, Nevada, inaugurated his country's first ever customs station near the border with the United States, in the capital city of Espera.

It was built after Baugh noticed that the tiny nation had no welcoming spot for its visitors. Though the station is unmanned as of now, there are plans for a customs officer to be stationed there in the near future. A sign asks that foreigners leave their pocket change as an entry fee.

Several items are banned in Molossia, including firearms, tobacco and incandescent light bulbs. The customs station was designed to ensure that these are not illegally brought into the country from the United States.

Friday, May 09, 2008

International Community Condemns Burma's Junta

Leaders of various unrecognized nations joined in the condemnation of the military junta in Burma.

The Lord Imperator of DeWaCo issued a statement officially condemn(ing) the Myanmar military regime for it's refusal to allow aid into it's nation's borders.

Ambassador Tallini stated his support for the Imperium's statements (and reminded the international community that a state of war exists between Independent Long Island and Burma).

The Governor-General also issued a statement denouncing the military Junta in Burma.

Within hours of the statements being published on the Open Micronational Forum, the Junta agreed to allow additional aid (including vessels of Her Majesty's Canadian Navy) to enter Burmese territory.

-- Text of the Governor-General's Statement: ----------
The Government of the Dominion of British West Florida denounces the recent actions of the Military Junta currently exercising its illegitimate authority in Burma, in the strongest terms possible.

Charity workers said as many as 24,000 children could have perished in Saturday’s disaster. Still, the Junta refused aid offered by the rest of the wold, putting its own pride above the lives of children.

An estimated 60,000 people are feared dead or missing. Huge areas remain under water, particularly in the southern Irrawaddy delta. And this 'Socialist Republic' refuses aid from the US and other western countries because it fears that they may try to sneak liberty in with the rescue launches.

Aid agencies are in a race against time to save the million-plus homeless survivors from disease, hunger and exhaustion, yet the generals refuse to allow in those with the most ability to help, placing policy of people.

Burma’s military government finally agreed to the first shipment of UN aid yesterday. But the junta continues to refuse to allow in sufficient ­foreign aid workers. No government worthy of the title puts its own prestige above the safety of its people.

We're outraged by the slowness of the response of the government of Burma to welcome and accept assistance.

We plead with the government of Burma to cooperate with the international community, and allow it to help the Burmese people in this time of crises.

-- End Text.

-- Text of the Lord Imperator's Statement ------

The Imperial Government of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates does hereby officially condemn the Myanmar military regime for it's refusal to allow aid into it's nation's borders, after the recent cyclone which has killed an estimated 100,000 of that nation's citizens.

The Imperial Government of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates calls on all likeminded and concerned micronations and people, to send a clear signal of protest against the lack of concern shown by the Myanmar military regime, regarding that regime's citizens who are in need of water, food, and medical supplies and assistance.

International reports indicate that the Myanmar military regime has not yet implemented a government leadership roll in assisting it's citizens; and has refused to receive aid from the USA, and other nations around the world.

The Myanmar military regime has allowed a limited number of aid into it's borders; however, the number allowed is not adequate to the devastation that torn through that nation.
-- End text

-- Text of Ambassador Tallini's Message ---
I can only offer my support to the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates in the condemnation of Myanmar.

As you may know, Independent Long Island declared war on Myanmar back in October 2007 because of that same tyrannical government:

-- End Text

Thursday, May 01, 2008

President Baugh of Molossia Grants Audience to WikiNews

-- WikiNews

Thursday, May 1, 2008

President Kevin BaughImage:
President Kevin Baugh

In March, Wikinews reporter Joseph Ford held an exclusive interview with Kevin Baugh, president of the Republic of Molossia, a micronation located near Dayton, Nevada. Due to the interest the article gained, both online and off, a follow-up interview was held this week.

Molossia's capital city, Espera, is situated on little over an acre of land in Western Nevada, within driving distance of Reno. Another territory, Desert Homestead Province, is located in Southern California. Unlike most of today's micronations, Molossia allows visitors and has its own economy. It also has its own time zone and holidays as well as a few tourist attractions.

When asked about the culture of his country Baugh replied, "Molossian culture is a mix of several sources. Above all, we value the lifestyle of the western U.S., especially as it pertains to living in a wide-open place such as we do. Life here is fairly relaxed and easygoing."

He also said that Molossia and the United States "generally ignore each other" and that there haven't been "any altercations" between the two, despite claiming each other's land. He went on to tell us much more about his tiny nation, which can be read in the interview below.

Wikinews (Joseph Ford) Where is Molossia located?

President Baugh: Molossia is located in Western Nevada, about 35 miles southeast of Reno, Nevada.
Desert Homestead ProvinceImage:
Desert Homestead Province

WN (Joseph Ford) How large is Molossia?

President Baugh: The portion of Molossia in Western Nevada is about 1.3 acres in size, with another five acres in our other province, Desert Homestead, in Southern California. In both cases, the terrain is desert, high desert with sagebrush and pinion trees in Nevada, and low desert with creosote and yucca in California.

WN (Joseph Ford) Tell us about your country's history.

President Baugh: Molossia was founded in 1977, when my best friend James and I saw the movie, The Mouse that Roared. We were quite taken by the idea of a tiny country accomplishing such amazing and amusing things, and decided to start our own nation. James was the King, and I was the Prime Minister. Time passed and James moved on, but I stayed with the idea, and carried it along with me everywhere I went until we settled here in Nevada. Having actual land really made the dream come alive, and ten years ago I raised the Molossian flag for the first time over our sovereign territory. Since then we have worked to build a great, albeit tiny, nation here in the desert. We founded the Intermicronational Olympic Games in 2000, a tradition that has carried on since. We started the first Intermicronational Exposition, and also created the Norton Awards for Excellence in Micronationalism. That's just a snap shot of what has been a very interesting decade.
Flag of the Republic of Molossia
Flag of the Republic of Molossia

WN (Joseph Ford) Does Molossia have its own flag, currency or national anthem?

President Baugh: Absolutely, what would a country be without those things? Our flag has three horizontal stripes, blue, white and green (from the top). The blue stands for the Molossian sky, almost always blue, the white stands for the nearby mountains, white with snow much of the year, and the green stands for the green of the desert foliage in the spring. It flies every day in front of Government House.
Our currency is the Valora, and comes in both paper and coin formats, the latter being poker chips, instead of traditional coins. Our national anthem is "Molossia, Nation in the Desert", with lyrics written by me and set to the Albanian national anthem. I'm sure they don't mind.

WN (Joseph Ford) What is the official language of Molossia?

President Baugh: Our official language is English, but we borrow from Esperanto sometimes, such as for the name of our capital, "Espera" and our money the Valora. We have no problem borrowing from other languages, as well, and we also use the Deseret Alphabet as an alternate writing script.
The Molossian Government House in the capital city of EsperaImage:
The Molossian Government House in the capital city of Espera

WN (Joseph Ford) What is the governmental structure of Molossia?

President Baugh: Well, officially, Molossia is a republic, complete with a constitution. Sadly, things are in such disarray over the border from us, that I had no choice but to suspend the constitution and declare martial law. It's unfortunate, but the security of my nation is paramount, and the best way to ensure that is to rule by decree. So far, no one has complained, and anyway, I'm a rather benevolent dictator.

WN (Joseph Ford) Does Molossia have its own military?

President Baugh: Yes, we do, the mighty Molossian Navy. Yes, we have a Navy in the desert. Our Navy has been involved in several exploration expeditions during its three years of existence. We are quite proud of our Navy.

WN (Joseph Ford) The Molossian Navy has their own academy, which is open for all to join online. Tell us about that.

President Baugh: Indeed, I opened the Naval Academy several years ago as the Molossian Military Academy, taking advantage of my strong military background. When I founded the Molossian Navy, it was natural to turn the Military Academy into and Naval Academy. In the years before and since, the Academy has produced dozens of graduates. The Academy is free to all applicants, and includes lessons and tests on military leadership, tactics, seamanship and naval battles. Once an individual has taken all four tests successfully, he or she can purchase a certificate of completion, and can then purchase on honorary commission in the Molossian Navy. We offer honorary commissions in the rank of captain, commodore and admiral.
A sample diploma of the Molossian Naval AcademyImage:
A sample diploma of the Molossian Naval Academy

WN (Joseph Ford) Tell us about the Molossian culture.

President Baugh: Well, Molossian culture is a mix of several sources. Above all, we value the lifestyle of the western U.S., especially as it pertains to living in a wide-open place such as we do. Life here is fairly relaxed and easygoing, and we do most things together as a nation and as a family. In addition, we have absorbed elements of other cultures. The town of Steinsdorf on the Molossia Railroad is, of course, German. Our National Hero, Emperor Norton, comes from San Francisco. Cookie Dough, our National Treat, is adopted from the United Provinces of Utopia, a micronation with whom we once associated.

WN (Joseph Ford) How are Molossia's relations with other micronations?

President Baugh: We maintain friendly, informal relations with just about every micronation. Our hand is always outstretched in friendship. With some nations we are particularly close, such as with TorHavn and Vikesland, due to the long and positive relationship that we have had. We count ourselves lucky to have good friends among many other micronations and micronationalists, from all over the world.

WN (Joseph Ford) The land claimed by Molossia is also claimed by the United States. How are relations between your country and the U.S.? Have there been any altercations? Or do you generally leave each other alone?

President Baugh: No, there haven't been any altercations between Molossia and the US. We generally ignore each other. We can't really live without the US, though, since they provide a significant amount of our consumer goods, Molossia being rather resource-poor. And as long as we don't do anything objectionable, they leave us alone.
A marker along the Molossian-Nevadan borderImage:
A marker along the Molossian-Nevadan border

WN (Joseph Ford) Besides the League of Small Nations, a nearly defunct association devoted to the prosperity of all land-claiming micronations, does Molossia belong to any international organizations?

President Baugh: Actually, no we don't, although we certainly have over the years, especially league of Secessionist States (LoSS), although we withdrew from that organization years ago. Incidentally, the League of Small nations is in the process of being resurrected, with an eye toward increased intermicronational activities, to possibly include supporting a charity.

WN (Joseph Ford) Can one become a citizen of Molossia? Is honorary citizenship granted?

Presdient Baugh: Well, Molossian citizenship is only extended to actual, physical residents of Molossia, and we are not accepting any immigrants at this time. There just isn't room. Honorary citizenship is indeed granted, generally to those individuals that have performed some special service to Molossia, and have thus earned our gratitude.

WN (Joseph Ford) Are Molossians dual U.S. citizens? Do you pay U.S. taxes?

Presdient Baugh: Yes, all Molossians are dual US citizens. Most Molossians actually work in the US and live in Molossia, largely due to our small size and lack of resources. And no, as a sovereign nation, we do not pay taxes to the US. However, we contribute an equivalent amount to the US in Foreign Aid, in the hopes that they will someday fix their roads!
The Molossian countryside, near EsperaImage:
The Molossian countryside, near Espera

WN (Joseph Ford) Molossia has its own systems of measurement and dates. Tell us about them.

President Baugh: Our dates are based from the year that Molossia was founded, back in 1977, thus today is 29 April 2008 XXXI. Founder's Day, the day Molossia was founded, was 26 May 1977.
Our measurement system is called the Kokintz System, named for Professor Kokintz of Grand Fenwick. All of the units of measurement are based of things unique to Molossia. The basic unit of length, the Norton, is based on the length of my hand. The basic unit of volume, the Simms, is equal to a can of Diet Pepsi, my favorite drink. The basic unit of weight, the Fenwick, is based on a tube of Cookie Dough, and the basic unit of temperature, the Zenda, is based on the height of the First Lady. We like to keep things interesting.

WN (Joseph Ford) Molossia also has its own time zone. Tell us about it.

President Baugh: Again, to keep things interesting, we devised our own time zone, Molossian Standard Time. It is 39 minutes ahead of Pacific Standard Time and 21 minutes behind Mountain Standard Time.

WN (Joseph Ford) Can people visit Molossia?

President Baugh: Yes, absolutely! We love have tourists visit. We have thus far had 14 non-family visit Molossia in the past year, our first ever arriving in spring 2007 XXX. A visit to Molossia takes about an hour, during which I take all visitors on a tour of our country and tell them about Molossia and micronations in general. Cookie dough is served, too, of course, and I stamp passports. It is very important, though, that all visitors contact our government, to arrange a date and time for the visit. Please do not show up unannounced!
Norton Park, one of the many tourist attractions in MolossiaImage:
Norton Park, one of the many tourist attractions in Molossia

WN (Joseph Ford) Are there any tourist attractions in Molossia? What can a visitor see and do while in your nation?

Presdient Baugh: Yes, we do have a few sights to see. Visitors can see Republic Square, the Peace Pole, the micronation direction sign, Norton Park, the Molossia Railroad, and the Tower of the Winds. A visit to Molossia is always interesting, if for no other reason than it's "the country just up the street on the right".

WN (Joseph Ford) Are you planning on expanding Molossia's borders in the near future?

President Baugh: We would love to do so, but I think we are about as big as we can be right now. Of course, should our country ever had a large economic windfall, then we will certainly expand.

WN (Joseph Ford) Molossia is one of the world's most serious and well known micronations. In under ten years, it has gained the attention of the media and respect of thousands. Where do you see your country in another ten years?

President Baugh: I think the future is bright for Molossia. Each day brings new challenges and new rewards. I am certain that, with all we have done over the past 31 years, the best is yet to come!

WN (Joseph Ford) What are your duties as president? What is it like to run your own country?

President Baugh: Molossia is a fairly easygoing place to live and thus an easy place to run. As President, I am, of course the steward of my nation, and my principle duties involve taking care of my people and ensuring that they are fed, healthy and happy. Literally, actually. Beyond that, my responsibilities include making Molossia a positive and interesting place to live, a task I enjoy immensely. I love my country, and I love being the leader of Molossia.

WN (Joseph Ford) There are thousands reading this right now. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your nation?

President Baugh: I would just like to thank you for this interview, and thank everyone reading this for taking the time to read and learn about Molossia. I am very proud of my little country and of what we have accomplished here. I look forward to only greater things ahead for Molossia and Molossians, and the world of small nations.