Monday, April 28, 2008

Justin Mueller, District Young Scientist

-- Far West News

Justin Mueller, Son of Lady Angelia of Fayette was honoured as a future scientist and winner in his division at the District Science Fair. Young master Mueller's project focused on Dinosaurs, their classification and distinctions. He worked hard on his project and that hard work paid off. He went into a lot of detail when explaining the different dinosaurs and why each one was different.

He, his younger brother Conner and his mother Angelia (Daughter of the Marquess of Mobile) celebrated at the college rodeo and had a lot of fun, until Conner fell and hit his head. Brother and mother have both recovered, and Justin insists that the fall had nothing to do with any actions on his part.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Imperium and Dominion establish 'Hot Line'.

-- Imperial News Service

The Governments of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates, and the Dominion of British West Florida, have formally established a joint communications network, which will
operate two digital USB webcams; which will allow the two micro-governments to conduct live VideoConferences / VideoSummits between each other; as well as with other
micronations which operate similar / compatible communication systems.

The equipment has been purchased, and the installations will take place within the week; provided that all priorities and schedules remain as is, and are not amended.

The Imperium-Dominion TeleCommunications Trade Agreement is the cornerstone to the establishment of what will eventually be the Imperium-Dominion TeleCommunications Network / I.D.T.N.; which will one day eliminate the current land-line TeleSummits / TeleConferences which the Imperium and Dominion have conducted
between the two micronations for several years.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Governor-General issues Joint Statement on the Chinese Olympics.

To all whom these presents may come,
Greetings in the name of Her Majesty the Queen and the Imperial Family of DeWaCo Estates;

Whereas the Government of the 'Peoples Republic of China' has repeatedly shown itself to have no regard for the sovereignty of other Nations, and,

Whereas this same Government has taken the Mame of the People in vain, and,

Whereas this same Government has maligned the name Republic, and,

Whereas the Spirit of the Olympics is that of Inter National Competition, and,

Whereas the Governments of the Dominion of British West Florida and the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates can not and will not sanction the continued abuse of the People of Tibet, Taiwan, and Hong Kong under the current Communist Government in mainland China,

Now Therefore we;

Call upon all Heads of State and of Government to Join US in refusing to participate in any opening, closing or other Olympic Ceremony, saving only the presentation of honours for their own Subjects and Citizens, and,

Call upon the leadership of the civilized world to stand as one, and let the voice of the Government of the People's Republic of China echo in a vast empty stadium, even as they allow the cries for justice from Tibet, and Hong Kong, to fall upon deaf ears, and,

Call upon the International Olympic Committee to formally extinguish the Olympic Flame in the People's Republic, and,

Extend our support to the oppressed in Tibet and Hong Kong, and,

Congratulate the Athletes that are the chosen from their lands, and,

Re-affirm our commitment to the athletes, and the Spirit of the Olympic Games.

Signed this 22 day of April in the year of our Lord 2008 by

The Dominion of British West Florida and the Imperial Commonwealth of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Governor-General Praises Bishop Phillips

-- Governor-General's Press releases

The Government of the Dominion of British West Florida is encouraged by the determination and resourcefulness of the Anglican Bishop Rubin Phillips.

While the world decries the ongoing actions of Robert Mugabe, the Rev. Phillips found a way UNDER LAW to have a positive impact on the situation. He took a path of action - in the courts of law.

Due to the Actions of Bishop Phillips, the Chinese arms shipment, bound for Zimbabwe's strongman, has departed from South Africa ans is now looking for another port which will allow it to unload its cargo of death and tyranny.

May God bless the Bishop, the government of South Africa, and the People of Zimbabwe in this difficult time.

God Save the Queen!
Bo Register, Marquess of Mobile, Baron Von Servers of Fayette,
Her Majesty's Governor-General in and for the Dominion of British West Florida
in Service to The Dominion of British West Florida

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Laureate: Poetic commentary on the forthcoming Olympic games in China

From the London Daily Telegraph Blog:
U.S. Senator Barack Obama, herald of hope and change says the Olympics are nothing to do with politics, they are only a game and he will attend the opening ceremony. Yet has anything changed since Tianamen Square over twenty years ago? Are mere words on the line since the Soviets hosted the ‘games’ and were boycotted for their invasion and occupation of Afghanistan? Perhaps we are all just players in a pantomime, consistently repeating a tired and worn out pattern…

Tianamen chess: the dancing dragon’s fiery storm,
In dreams, Olympic torch carried from arm to arm
Stiff politic says the flame can do no harm…
Only an ember, a game, yet chased by angry swarm.

In dreams, Olympic torch carried from arm to arm,
Yet illuminating oppression in light of bloody dawn
Only an ember, a game, yet chased by angry swarm…
Dreadful faery light for a fictional animal farm.

Yet illuminating oppression in the light of bloody dawn,
A fire of death, ice cold crushed not warm
Dreadful faery light for a fictional animal farm
See the smiling Chinese tiger of devious charm.

A fire of death, ice-cold crushed not warm
Stiff politic says the flame can do no harm,
Blame the smiling Chinese tiger of devious charm
Tianamen games: the dancing dragon’s fiery storm.
All Rights Reserved: DBWF/David John Drew 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

Governor-General Calls on the IOC to Follow Protestor's Lead

The Olympic torch today went out three times while travelling through Paris. Olympic officials claim that this comes as a result of the actions by Pro-Tibetan protesters.

The International Olympic Committee has expressed its serious concern and calls for a rapid peaceful resolution in Tibet, but hasn't the courage to demand that Communist China act responsibly in Tibet, or forfeit their status as Olympic Hosts.

The Mob in Paris hasn't the right or authority to properly extinguish Communist China's hopes as an 'Olympic Host', but they have the courage to act on their beliefs.

Her Majesty's Government in and for the Dominion of British West Florida calls upon the International Olympic Committee to formally, properly, and finally extinguish Communist China's 'Olympic Flame' until and unless it restores Tibetan internal sovereignty.

Imperium Expresses Thanks for Technology Transfer

-- Imperial News Service
(Lord Imperator's Press Relases)
In a gracious gesture of micronational good will, Baron Von Servers of the Dominion of British West Florida, transfered computer technology to the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates today. The technology was computer codes for website enhancement; which was applied to several of the Imperium's Government webpages. The exchange of codes and appreciation was conducted via TeleConference; whereby the Baron and the CommiCzar / Lord Imperator tested the codes to ensure that the information was applicable to the Imperium's Computer Systems.

Transfer of technology is a fundamental building block and corner stone to the relationships between micronations; and as such, the Imperium hereby publicly acknowledges Her thanks to the Baron and the Dominion.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Republic of the Mirage Islands Breaks Dipliomatic Relations with the Dominion

In a tersely worded note, the President and Foreign Minister of the Republic of the Mirage Islands informed Her Majesty's Government in and for the Dominion of British West Florida that they had officially "broken off Diplomatic Relations".

The Governor-General has recalled the Dominion's Ambassador to the Republic for 'consultation on the matter'.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Imperium to Ban Public Smoking by Citizens

-- Imperial News Service

By Imperial Decree, the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates will Officially become a "Smokeless" MicroState on May the 1st, 2008 at 12:00 AM CSDT.

The newest Law of the Lands is entitled:
"The No Joke.....No Smokes" Law [ i.e. "Don't Smoke 'em If You've Got 'em" ];
and will be enforceable in all "public" locations within Imperial City, as well as all other "public" areas within the Imperium. [ enforceable with Citizens and Subjects / Family and Employees ]

Those limited number of Citizens and Subjects of the Imperium, who do smoke, will be required to conduct their personal smoking activities either in the privacy of their privately owned vehicles / POV while on duty / work during scheduled break periods; or else,
whenever able, off of the Imperial Soils, such as when conducting business affairs while in the neighboring "macro" nation of the USA. [ i.e. deliveries, pickups, service calls, etc ]

An individual's private room and/or vehicle is safe from this newest Law of the Lands; as well as, are those US Citizens who travel within the Imperium conducting commerce. [ i.e. customers / salesmen / etc ] Any Imperial Citizen or Subject [ Family or Employee ] who is observed in non-compliance with this newest Law of the Lands, will be subject to
several penalties; which will become more severe with each offense.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning

2nd Offence: Written Warning

3rd Offense: Restricted from Work for 1 day w/o pay

4th Offense: Suspension from Work for 1 week w/o pay

5th Offense: Termination of Employment and Status if a Subject / Employee
5th Offense: Personal Restrictions if a Citizen / Family
[ permanent or long-term restrictions regarding privileges ]

Signage will be posted in all "public" commercial operations, asking that individuals refrain from smoking, out of common courtesy to others; however, the new Law of the Lands will only be able to be enforceable with Imperial Citizens and Subjects [ Family and Employees ], as any
"foreign" individual is considered an "untouchable" with regards to the enforcement of this new law, as their purchase power speaks louder than their smoke.


Several Local and State laws within the USA allow for the complete ban of smoking in a majority of "public" places, as well as voluntary banning in "privately owned" places which are open to the public [ i.e. bars, resturants, clubs, etc ]; however, until such time that such laws become mandatory in all public and private places, this newest Law of the Lands will remain
as is.

This newest Law of the Lands runs parallel as a Corporate Rule & Regulation / Policy.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Queen Attends Memorial Service for Sir Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary was commemorated in royal splendour late last night as the Queen paid her respects to the great mountaineer at a rare memorial service at Windsor Castle near London.

Dressed in a black coat and hat, the Queen, accompanied by Princess Anne, took her place in the 500-year-old St George's Chapel for the service of thanksgiving, which also marked the laying up of his Knight of the Garter banner on the altar.

Sir Ed's family were the Queen's guests at the service.

Lady June Hillary sat in the front row alongside Prime Minister Helen Clark, her husband Professor Peter Davis, Lady June's granddaughter Rebecca Hayman, Sir Ed's children Peter and Sarah and grandson Sam Mulgrew.

Other notables present included the Countess of Wessex, Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon, former NZ prime minister Jenny Shipley, former All Black captain Sean Fitzpatrick, former British Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington and Sir Winston Churchill's daughter Lady Mary Soames.

Prince Philip was to have attended but had a heavy cold.

Nick Madden from Dunedin started the service with a song written by his father Richard Madden, How Beautiful the Mountain.

Royal spokesman Stuart Neale said the service reflected the enormous regard the Queen and her family held for Sir Ed.

The Queen had always made a point of seeing him whenever she visited New Zealand.

The service included addresses by Helen Clark and Peter Hillary, a reading of an Allen Curnow poem by Sarah Hillary and a reading of the Beatitudes by Sam Mulgrew t also included singing by British-based New Zealand bass-baritone Jonathan Lemalu and a reading from Sir Edmund's own writing by Rebecca Hayman.

Sir Edmund's son Peter Hillary said it was a "wonderful coincidence" that the ascent of Everest and the Coronation came at the same time in a "landscape of a war-ravaged Europe".

He said the ascent of Everest was a catalyst for positive developments in Nepal of clean water, schools, hospitals and airstrips.

"For my father, his long association with the royal family since the coronation [in 1953] and [his conquest of] Everest gave him great pleasure and honour. He was grateful for the friendship," Peter Hillary said.

His father taught him "posthumous success was over-rated".

Mr Hillary said Sir Edmund told him: "You can't just sit around and wait for things to happen. You have to get on with the job."

He said his father spoke to him by telephone at the top of Everest when he climbed the world's highest peak in 1990 to become the first son to follow his father to the top.

"He said 'look after yourself. You're not done until you're down'."

He said he was always amused by his father's use of ordinary agricultural Massey Ferguson tractors to reach the South Pole in 1958 and recounted two anecdotes showing Sir Edmund's modesty.

The first was when a reporter suggested that K2 was a bigger mountain than Everest. Sir Edmund said: "Oh well, I've had 40 good years out of it."

In another interview a reporter suggested Sir Edmund was modest. He replied: "I've got a lot to be modest about."

He said Sir Edmund was "loved and revered" in Nepal and "it doesn't get any better than that".

After a poignant karanga by Mereana Hond - reportedly the first time te reo Maori had been heard in the chapel - the Dean of Windsor and Register of the Order of the Garter, David Conner, received Sir Ed's banner from the Military Knights of Windsor, resplendent in their scarlet tunics.

He then placed it on the altar and said: "Rest eternal, grant unto him O Lord; and let light perpetual shine upon him".

Earlier, Dean Conner had said the service was not purely to commemorate Sir Ed but also to commit to the causes he held dear.

"From his appointment as a Knight of the Garter in 1995 to the present moment, Sir Edmund has been regularly prayed for in this place by the community of the College of St George, and it is our particular privilege today to offer up his garter banner on the altar as a token of a life laid down before God for the common good.

"Yet we are not here simply to recall the blessings of the past, but more importantly, and in the spirit of Sir Edmund, to commit ourselves to the future well-being of humanity, praying that we may have strength of purpose and courage to build on the strong foundation he has left for us."

Helen Clark said the Queen's service was rare and special.

And she described Sir Ed as "our most loved, most famous and most international citizen. He stood tall among us like no other.

"His outstanding achievements as an adventurer and explorer on their own secured his place in New Zealand and world history.

"But the very high esteem in which we held Sir Edmund was also based on his humanitarianism and his values," the Prime Minister said.

"He cared, he set high benchmarks of citizenship for others, he made a big difference to many.

"We New Zealanders saw Sir Edmund as one of us - from his craggy looks to his love of the outdoors, his sense of adventure, and his concern for others.

"Sir Edmund was our hero - we admired and respected him, we saw in him the values we would want all our citizens to uphold."

After the service, Lady June and and the family had a private audience with the Queen.

Later, Dean Conner was to return Sir Ed's banner to his family.

-- With Thanks to the New Zealand Herald.