Thursday, June 26, 2008

G-G Statement on the US Supreme Court's 2nd Amemdment Ruling

-- Office of the Governor-General

The Government and People of the Dominion of British West Florida applaud the recent decision by the United States Supreme Court upholding the individual right to keep and bear arms.

A people who retain the means to resist are seldom made slaves - the repressed throughout the world understand the power of an armed law abiding populace, as do all those who value liberty and good governance. Tyrannies depend on the resort to arms, arms they would deny to their subjects.

The decision by the US Supreme Court to uphold the right of persons – unconnected with any militia – to retain their own measure of self defense is a blow against tyranny. It is perhaps the first real action against terrorism the US Government has taken since the fall of the Taliban.

As Free Subjects of the Crown we commend our neighbors for recognising the fundamental right of self-defense, the natural right to protect one's property and the legal right to do so by force of arms if necessary.

God Save the Queen!

52nd Annual West Florida Watermelon Festival features Country Music Legend John Conlee

52nd Annual West Florida Watermelon Festival features Country Music Legend John Conlee

The 52nd Annual West Florida Watermelon Festival takes place in Chipley, Florida on June 27 and 28.

The weekend begins on Friday, June 27 at the Northwest Florida Campground on Griffin Road in Chipley and features award-winning country group Shenandoah former lead singer Marty Raybon.
Grand Ole Opry star and country music legend John Conlee highlights the Saturday show at 2PM at the Barony Edward (Washington County) Agriculture Center on Queen Victoria Way (Highway 90).

The West Florida Watermelon Festival remains one of the last totally free heritage festivals in West Florida and highlights the culture of the area. Downtown Chipley Merchants will stay open for extended hours following the Festival, allowing visitors to browse this quaint historic town.
"We continue to try and provide something for everyone. With political season in full swing and national acts like John Conlee and Marty Raybon, we expect this year to be one of the largest turnouts in the 52 years of the Watermelon Festival’s history. We invite everyone, young and old alike, to come to West Florida, Barony Edward and enjoy this celebration,"

For the complete story as well as an activity and entertainment schedule see

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Imperium to Privatize Public Transport Sector.

The Lord Imperator of the Imperial Commonwealth of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates has announced plans to begin privatization of the Public Transportation Sector. Imperial Family owned and operated Jamesport Express Transportation (JET) Vehicles, which currently operate under Imperial Livery are to be sold to private investors.

The Imperial Family has also announced other Austerity Programs – all intended to ensure the survival of the Imperium as financially viable entity on the world stage.

The Governor-General has expressed his support for the Imperial Family in their time of financial crises, in a statement given today the Governor-General proclaimed:

“As some of you may be aware, the Imperial Family of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates is currently experiencing a time of financial difficulty brought on by the high cost of imported materials, the slowing economies of its trading partners and weather conditions that hamper its agricultural sector.

The Imperial Family has begun an austerity program to reduce imports, limit currency migration, and control expenditures.

The Government of the Dominion of British West Florida commends the Lord Imperator and the Imperial Family for taking quick, decisive actions in the face of this economic triple assault. We extend to the Government and People of the Imperium our respect and support.

It is our hope that the wise leadership of the Lord Imperator will see the Imperium through to safer shores in this storm, as it has so often in the past.

God Bless the Imperium!

God Save the Queen.”

The Dominion of British West Florida has an Embassy established with the Imperium, and the Lord Imperator is a Member of the Order of Saint Barnabas.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Imperium Announces Import Reductions to Redress Balance of Payments Issues.

-- Imperial News Service

The Executive Offices of the Lord Imperator ~ CommiCzar, at White Castle Estates, has announced that the majority of all magazine and newspaper imports will be curtailed upon the end-date of the current subscriptions.

These actions are but a small part of the measures to be taken by the Imperial Government, to prevent a possible balance of payments deficit. Other measures have included a reduction in fuel imports and an decrease in the number of foreign workers permitted to send earnings 'overseas' to their homelands.

Newsweek and the Wall St Journal are two of several such subscriptions which will be suspended; with an approximate 12 additional regional, national, and international publications will be include in the new tariff plan.

Several of the publications were imported from the United States for, and read exclusively by, members of the Imperial Government; while some of the publications were ordered exclusively for members of the Imperial Family, Imperial Subjects [ Employees ], and Tourist /Guest / Customers of the Imperium's commerical operations centers.

Several hundreds of *ImperiMarx / Rx ( Imperial / Imperium Marx ) [ * i.e. equal to the US Dollar / $ ] will be cut from the Imperial Government Budget in the publication subscriptions cancellations.

The Imperial Government is also working to 'firm up' projected agricultural exports to the United States, but recent weather events have raised concerns about the ability of exports to completely offset the previously projected import levels.

Additional Govt-Budget cost cutting measures and foreign exchange corrections are to be announced.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Governor-General Authorizes Release of Baronial Strategic Materials

The Governor-General has approved the release of materials from the Barony of Fayette's Strategic Reserves to assist a local family.

The Barony has released five (5) gallons of potable water for cooking and drinking along with 55 gallons of non-potable water for sanitary and hygienic uses. The recipients are a local family whose electricity has been disconnected, resulting in not only the loss of lights, air-conditioning, and refrigeration, but as they are on a private well, they've also lost access to 'running water.

The Baronial Government will continue daily delivers of these supplies until the family is able to have electric service restored.

A spokesman was quoted as saying 'We'll replenish the reserves on a daily basis – at Baronial Expense, the exchequer's office will not be involved”.

The family has also been granted access to the Baronial Cold Storage Facility.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Imperium Declares Martial Law

-- Imperial News Service

In wake of the recent storms, which has left the Imperium's river water levels over-flowing into farm fields already saturated, the Imperial Govt has issued a State of Emergency, and declared the Imperial City Capital Zone / CZ to be a National Disaster Area; and in so doing, has initiated
Martial Law to be in effect until such time that day-to-day operations can resume.

Martial Law was ordered due to the fact that there have been several recent attempts by "terrorist" [ vandals / thiefs ] to steal the Ministry Of Agriculture's / M.O.A. fuel reserves from fuel-storage tanks and equipments.

The Ministry Of State Security / M.O.S.S. has purchased several "Watch Dogs" [ "Junk Yard Dawgs" ], and has established protective barriers tohelp keep "terrorist" away from the fuel-storage tank facilities, but allows the "Watch Dogs" [ "K-9 Patrol" ] access within the barrier. Security lights equipped with off-and-on timers [ sunset-to-sunrise ], and motion sensors which sound a loud siren-alarm within seconds of being intersected, have been installed as well.

Rising high prices on imported* [ * local US mkts / businesses ] fuel, fertilizers, chemicals, and lower than expected / projected [ wanted and needed ] prices on livestocks, along with the storms / weather, are forcing the Imperium into internal-recession; which could result in a remapping of
the Imperium, if the situations continue as they have.


As of today, the major flooding has been isolated in several of the Imperium's lower-lying lands, and has yet to breach DeWaCo Road, and reach any of the Imperial City's structures...i.e. buildings, silos, sheds, bins, etc....
CommiCzar ~ Lord Imperator

-- Staff Writer Update.
Micronational governments from Independent Long Island to Vikesland have offered assistance and support to the Imperium during the crises. World leaders have committed to prayer on behalf of the Imperial Family and Subjects.

Monday, June 16, 2008

G-G on the 'Kosovo Republic'

The Dominion of British West Florida reiterates its position that the Unilateral Declaration of Independence issued by the rebellious province of Kosovo has no legitimacy.

The sovereignty and territorial integrity of every country must be fully respected by all other countries.

We believed that the Kosovo issue could be resolved in a peaceful manner, by way of dialogue and consultations, the path we ourselves continue to tread. Unilateral Declaration, especially while occupied foreign forces is not the legitimate path to independence.

We call upon the international community to bring pressure to bear on all parties so that a peaceful, mutually agreeable solution to the Kosovar's legitimate concerns can be found.

G-G Issues Statement on the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse Meetings (11 -14 June 2008)

Statement on the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse Meetings (11 -14 June 2008)
-- Office of the Governor-General Press Release

The Dominion of British West Florida commends the recent efforts of the two Chinas to progress form mutual non-recognition to mutual non-denial.

Dialogue through semi-official organisations (the SEF and the ARATS) reopened on June 12, 2008 on the basis of the 1992 Consensus, with the first meeting held in Beijing. Neither the PRC nor the ROC recognizes the other side as a legitimate entity, so the dialogue was in the name of contacts between the SEF and the ARATS instead of the two governments, though most participants were actually officials in PRC or ROC governments. Chen Yunlin, President of the ARATS, and Chiang Pin-kung, President of the SEF, signed files on June 13, agreeing that direct flights between the two sides would begin on 4 July and that Taiwan would allow entrance of up to 3000 visitors from the mainland every day.

The Dominion of British West Florida continues to take notice of, but not support, the position of the People's Republic of China with regard to the status of Taiwan.

The future of Taiwan should be decided peacefully by the peoples of both sides of the Strait, and progress like that made in recent days strengthens our hope that such a resolution can be reached in the near future.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Royal Versificator on the Opening of Parliament

The Opening of Parliament:


Season’s change: reflection returns once again in Time;

Charged with thought-brimmed plans of Government to evoke,

The Majestic Monarch to represent a people in their prime

Of noble speech, announced by splendour’s crown and cloak.

Stern political rhyme echo’s in the Grand-Lords Chamber;

After Black Rod’s plea, and knock, knock on solid oaken door,

Brittania’s giant wakes, attentive after long dormant slumber

In action resplendent, revived in ritual of ancient lore.

Our history sings: long past ages yet not mere dreams forgot;

Present and future woven from the self-same gilden thread,

Visions of ministers; crafted plans and charts of subtle plots

Of Barons, paupers, young and old in common purpose wed.

Prosperity, joy and health; concerns of all good subjects;

These aspects and features of sure well-balanced harmony,

Parliament is the polished mirror which its people reflects

And the Government’s homely art of creating equality.

Tho’ freedom is no jewel, not a sparkling treasured hope;

But the fine sword of many: wrought by differing hearts,

Of liberty, justice, truth and law: a communal rope

By which hands grasp and climb to view the Nation’s arts.

A fair living constitution, written not in ink on paper thin;

But one which glows as embers within each humble hearth;

Coursing strong and brilliant through each and every vein

Reflecting fervent human love; recited on the breath.

So, let solemn silence dwell here awhile among our crowd;

A sacred hush, the wise ever ready to listen with rapt intent,

The eager yearning of purpose invites the citizen proud

And words become the feather to the wings in glorious ascent.

All Rights Reserved: David John Drew/DBWF 2008.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cesidio Tallini Rejects the Medal of Saint Barnabas

-- Staff Writer

Cesidio Tallini, recently awarded the Member of the Order of Saint Barnabas has refused the award, citing issues with the style he would be awarded by the Dominion of British West Florida.

The Governor-General expressed his regrets that the illustrious Dr. Tallini would find it necessary to take such action.

This is the first time a Medal of the Order of Saint Barnabas has been refused after the award was announced.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Makurtzenland Severs Ties to Chaves' Venezuela

Today, the Ministry of Foreign Relations has ceased to recognize the government of Hugo Chavez in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela after it was revealed that Chavez has been financially supporting the FARC rebels in Colombia. We invite other micronations to join the Socialist People's Republic of Makurtzenland is breaking diplomatic relations and ceasing to recognize Hugo Chavez as the legitimate ruler of Venezuela with the people's consent. For the record, the MFR would also like to add that the all totalitarian regimes in communist countries (People's Republic of China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Laos, and Cuba) are also not recognized by the SPRM.
Official Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Relations

As of today, the Socialist People's Republic of Makurtzenland ceases to recognize the government of Hugo Chavez Frias as one that serves the interests of the Venezuelan proletariat. His constant abuse of power and support for left-leaning terrorists in another soverign state will not be tolerated any longer. The Supreme Commander President Miguel F Oropeza has also instructed the MFR to no longer recognize the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as a "Comrade Nation in the Fight Against Rouge Capitalism". Said honor is now only given to the Republic of Bolivia.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2008 Queen's Birthday Honours List

-- Wentworth Palace

The Governor-General, acting in and for the name of Her Majesty the Queen announced this year's Queen's Birthday Honours List.

Hero of Justice:

Deputy First Class Hilery A. Mayo Jr. (9 June 2007)
Reserve Deputy Joe Bill Galloway (20 August 2007)
Police Officer Thelonious Anthony Dukes Sr. (9 November 2007)
Police Officer Nicola Cotton (28 January 2008)

The Order of Saint Barnabas:

Reverend Gilbert Scie;
Theodore Harvey, Esquire;
Miss Jacqueline Jones-Soule;
William F. Stallworth, Esquire;

Foreign Recipients:
The Lord Imperator of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates,Dennis W Corbett,
Major General Doug O'Dell;
The Reverend Doctor Cesidio Tallini;

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Baroness of Orleans to Wed

-- Dominion Court Circular

The Marquess of Mobile and the Countess of Louisiana announce the Engagement of their Daughter, Amaretta, the Baroness of Orleans, to William Frank Sollicito III, Esquire.

The Wedding Ceremonies will be held at Raiford Road Baptist Church on the 7th of June at 2 of the clock in the afternoon. The Reverend Dr. Edward (Eddie) Griffis will officiate.

The Marquess of Mobile, the Countess of Louisiana, the Baroness of East Baton Rouge, and the former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom will be among the those in attendance.

The couple intend to take up residence on Mr. Sollicito's family estate, and no ennoblement in conjunction with the marriage is expected.

United States Authorities Refuse Recognition of Dominion Diplomatic Passport.

-- Staff Writer

United States Authorities refuse recognition of Dominion Diplomatic Passport.

His Excellency, Alan Goudman, the High Commissioner to Her Majesty's Provence of Alberta has been informed by the US Border Customs Office that it will refuse his request to transit the US by Land or Air as a Diplomatic representative of the Dominion of British West Florida.

This highly provocative move by the United States is currently being discussed in the Privy Council, but no 'real action' on the part of Her Majesty's Government is expected.

The Governor-General has been quoted by certain persons believed to be members of the Privy Council as saying “So what you want me to do about it? Send in the Marines to 'escort' him? We've got, what, 1 Marine, and he is currently detailed to East Florida. The High Commissioner can travel on his British or Canadian Passports, we'll stamp his Dominion one ourselves, and call it done. It will be a long time coming before we (or anyone else for that matter) will be able to 'force' overflight rules on the United States. Bravery is separated from Fool-hardiness not by the courage of the man, but by his wisdom.“

Our source indicated that some on the Privy Council would prefer at least some 'symbolic gesture' be made, including a public denunciation, but that these 'symbolic gestures' were rejected by the Governor-General as 'counter-productive'.

Governor-General excuses Baron Geier of Escambia from Attendance at the Opening of Parliament.

-- Staff Writer

Lord Zane Geier, First Baron Geier of Escambia, has announced he will not be able to attend the State Opening of Parliament in Pensacola this year, citing concerns about the availability and cost of petrol and concerns for his health and safety.

Lord Geier formally requested leave to miss the physical assembly which was granted by the Governor-General. Although the Office of the Governor-General has refused to officially comment on the request, it did acknowledge that the Lord Zane Geier, First Baron Escambia would not be attending the Ceremonies, and that the absence is for reasons 'completely acceptable to the Crown'.

Unofficial sources have revealed that the reasons given include the expense involved: gasoline prices having dramatically increased since the last visit by the Baron to his Baronial Estates; Concerns about proper health care en route (the Baron suffers from gout), and concerns about criminal activities and civil unrest in certain portions of the area between the Baron's summer estate and Pensacola where the Queen's Justice is currently held in abeyance by the United States and and the US States of Alabama and Florida.

Lord Geier joins His Excellency Alan Goudman, High Commissioner to Her Majesty's Provence of Alberta as a Member of the Government of the Dominion of British West Florida whose travel to and from the Dominion for diplomatic business has been hindered by the actions (or lack thereof) of the US Government.

The Baron Escambia resides in the Crown Lands approximately 150 miles north of the 1763 border of the Dominion Proper, in the 'Crown Lands' held in reserve for 'Native Peoples' by the Dominion, as mandated in the Royal Proclamation of 1763.

Imperium Receives Indirect Military Aid from US!

-- Staff Writer

The US actually provides military hardware – at discount - to the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates!

Sources within the Imperial Family have recently bragged about the ability of the Imperial Government, through the use of 'proxy agents' and willing 'middle-men', whose interest is driven purely by profit, to obtain first class, operable, military hardware from the United States Government.

Though the Imperium denies that any 'Lethal Materials' have been part of the exchange, it does freely admit to obtaining “canteens, rafts, tents, metal ammo cans, wood ammo crates, military belts, military parkas, military headwear, military leather gloves, military jump-boots, military flash-lights, military socks, military mess-kits, etc, etc, etc......”

The military budget funds saved by the purchase of these items, “at discount prices”, may of course be spent by the Imperial MOSS on other 'more valuable items'. The IMOSS has declined to discuss the size of its budget, nor has it published any data regarding the size of the savings made available by this indirect 'Military Aid' from the United Sates.


-- Staff Writer

Highly reliable Sources within the Imperial Family of DeWaCo have intimated that the Imperium has sought to gain influence in the US Presidential Elections process by direct financial aid to one 'favoured candidate'. The exact value of the 'contributions' has not been revealed, nor has the extent of involvement by certain 'cousins' who visited with the candidate at the Corn Palace in South Dakata.

The Lord Imperator has publicly expressed his support for Barack Hussein Obama Jr, the Democratic Party candidate who's former pastor (the minister who performed his wedding, and baptized his daughters) has claimed that the US Government brought aids to North America to 'control the black population'. Among the official reasons given by the Lord Imperator for support this potentially divisive candidate is Mr. Obama's position on the Iraq war, and his declared willingness to talk with foreign leaders without pre-conditions.

The Imperial Government has also made it known that an Obama presidency, combined with certain changes in US Foreign Policy would facilitate formal recognition of the US Government by the Imperium. The Obama campaign declined to comment on the issue.

Contributions from foreign nationals to candidates in US Federal Elections is prohibited by US Law. The Imperial Family claims that this is no consequence to them, as they aren't subject to the US law foreign participation restrictions – pending formal recognition of the Imperium by the US Government.