Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Imperium C.O.S.M.O. Violates US Airspace

-- Imperial News Service

A large nylon netting, filled with several mylar helium-filled observation balloons,
equipped with a small digital camera, was reported to have violated US air space;
which was believed to have been the result of an un-detected weak spot along
the length of the 500 foot nylon tether, that seperated and released the equipment.
[ As of yet, there has been no word received from any US Authority regarding the event ]

The Council Of Space Mission Organizations ( C.O.S.M.O. ), formerly know as:
the Council Of Space Mission Operations, was in charge of these low altitude
tests; which were designed to record still-photos and videos of Imperial City,
the Capital Zone of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates.

These videos were to have been released over the internet, in spite of the fact
that previous tests photos have not; which is due to the fact that the Imperium's
Sky and Space Program has been more-private and less-public, as there have been
several accidents over the last few years.

However, as there appears to be a Micro Space Race in the future of the MicroSphere,
the Imperial Government has decided to go-public ( limited increased releases ); which
is the purpose of this public release...to not only promote C.O.S.M.O.'s achievements,
but to also acknowledge C.O.S.M.O.'s failures as well.

C.O.S.M.O. is an organization comprised of several agencies and authorities
within the Imperial Government: SkyCom ( Sky Force Command ), and RAM-COM
( Rocket-And-Missile Commands ); both of which are designed and designated as
educational and informational commands* ( view Official Info-Photos below ),
which utlilize and deploy various S-T-S ( Surface-To-Sky ) units: i.e. helium balloon
platforms and systems, "Pocket Rockets" ( Bottle Rockets ), Estes Model Rocket Systems,
and R/C ( Radio / Remote Controlled ) vehicles.

The Ministry Of State Security / M.O.S.S., and the Ministry Of Science-Technology /
M.O.S.T., are also actively engaged in several of the Sky and Space Programs conducted
by C.O.S.M.O.

C.O.S.M.O. was commissioned, and granted authority and budgeting, by the CommiCzar
~ Lord Imperator approximately 7 years ago.

In the past, the Imperium's Sky and Space Programs have relied more on helium sky units
and R/C vehicles, and less on model rockets; as helium and R/C units have longer periods
of recording / reporting time, as they each can stay sky-bourne for longer periods of time;
however, this policy has been amended and expanded to include more and more emphasis
on re-usable Estes style rocket systems.

The loss of the equipment ( digital camera, balloon, etc ) is a minor set-back for
C.O.S.M.O.; as future tests will be limited until a new budget can be approved.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Independent Long Island's Governor now International Diplomat

-- Office of the Governor of Independent Long Island

On 2 September 2008, The Supreme Council of Presidency of the International States Parliament for Safety and Peace (ISPSP), New Society of the Nations:

1. Has approved the election Governor Cesidio Tallini of Independent Long Island as a Deputy Member of the National Assembly (US Parliamentary Group); and
2. Has approved his Institutional Nomination as Diplomatic Counsellor to the Presidency for International Relations.

Said nominations, are valid under International Law and under the Vienna Convention of April 18th, 1961 (1963)!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Dominion of British West Florida Subscribes to the CONSEGI 2008 Declaration.

The Dominion of British West Florida Joins Brazil, South Africa, Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba, and Paraguay in condemning the actions of the ISO/IEC in rejecting the appeals lodged against the approval of DIS29500.

All Dominion of British West Florida Government offices are required to seek first systems that support ISO/IEC 26300.

Bo, Baron Von Servers of Fayette,
Chairman of the House of Lords Select Committee on Stamps and Stationery

The Text of the CONSEGI 2008 Declaration follows:

We, the undersigned representatives of state IT organisations from Brazil, South Africa, Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba and Paraguay, note with disappointment the press release from ISO/IEC/JTC-1 of 20 August regarding the appeals registered by the national bodies of Brazil, South Africa, India and Venezuela. Our national bodies, together with India, had independently raised a number of serious concerns about the process surrounding the fast track approval of DIS29500. That those concerns were not properly addressed in the form of a conciliation panel reflects poorly on the integrity of these international standards development institutions.
Whereas we do not intend to waste any more resources on lobbying our national bodies to pursue the appeals further, we feel it is important to make the following points clear:

1.The bending of the rules to facilitate the fast track processing of DIS29500 remains a significant concern to us. That the ISO TMB did not deem it necessary to properly explore the substance of the appeals must, of necessity, put confidence in those institutions ability to meet our national requirements into question.
2. The overlap of subject matter with the existing ISO/IEC26300 (Open Document Format) standard remains an area of concern. Many of our countries have made substantial commitments to the use of ISO/IEC26300, not least because it was published as an ISO standard in 2006.
3. The large scale adoption of a standard for office document formats is a long and expensive exercise, with multi-year projects being undertaken in each of our countries. Many of us have dedicated significant time and resources to this effort. For example, in Brazil, the process of translation of ISO/IEC26300 into Portuguese has taken over a year.

The issues which emerged over the past year have placed all of us at a difficult crossroads. Given the organisation's inability to follow its own rules we are no longer confident that ISO/IEC will be capable of transforming itself into the open and vendor-neutral standards setting organisation which is such an urgent requirement. What is now clear is that we will have to, albeit reluctantly, re-evaluate our assessment of ISO/IEC, particularly in its relevance to our various national government interoperability frameworks. Whereas in the past it has been assumed that an ISO/IEC standard should automatically be considered for use within government, clearly this position no longer stands.
Aslam Raffee (South Africa)
Chairman, Government IT Officer's Council Working Group on Open Standards Open Source Software
Marcos Vinicius Ferreira Mazoni (Brazil)
Presidente, Servico Federal de Processamento de Dados
Carlos Eloy Figueira (Venezuela)
President, Centro Nacional de Tecnologías de Información
Eduardo Alvear Simba (Ecuador)
Director de Software Libre, Presidencia de la República
Tomas Ariel Duarte C. (Paraguay)
Director de Informática, Presidencia de la República
Miriam Valdés Abreu (Cuba)
Directora de Análisis, Oficina para la Informatización

Monday, September 01, 2008

Governor-General's Statement on Hurricane Gustav

-- Dominion Forum
It is fitting that I should at this time bring to you an update on conditions in our City of New Orleans, and the surrounding area. It appears that God has spared the City at this time, and we are thankful for that.

O LORD God, who hast justly humbled us by thy late visitation of us with immoderate rain and waters, and in thy mercy hast relieved and comforted our souls by this provision for the safety of our City of New Orleans. We praise and glorify thy holy Name for this thy mercy, and will always declare thy loving-kindness from generation to generation; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

However the storm has caused serious damage to the City, and to surrounding areas as well. It appears that the levee system in New Orleans will hold, however levees in other places including the barony of Choctaw (Plaquemines parish), have failed and they and half of the city have lost electrical power. It will take time to restore the levees, power, and housing, but by God's Grace we shall endure and prosper. It is right and proper that we call upon God to continue to show us His mercy as we begin to rebuild yet again.

O ALMIGHTY God, who art a strong tower of defence unto thy servants against the face of their enemies; We yield thee praise and thanksgiving for our deliverance from those great and apparent dangers of wind and rain wherewith we were so nearly compassed. We acknowledge it thy goodness that we were not delivered over as a prey unto them; beseeching thee still to continue such thy mercies towards us, that all the world may know that thou art our Saviour and mighty Deliverer; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Secure Mobile Communication System Test Successful

-- Staff Writer

Sources within the Governor-General's office have informed the Provisional Post that the new 'mobile-hot-line' system for use by the Governor-General and the High Commissioners has been successfully tested.

According to well placed sources the new communication system uses commercially available off -the-shelf software to convert lap-tops and other mobile computers into communication centres. The system was tested during the build-up to the recent hurricane, with the Governor-General contacting His Excellency the High Commissioner to Her Majesty's Province of Alberta.

The systems provides protected (though not secure) multi-party audio and video connections.

The Government has already announced plans to establish similar connections with the Earl of Rum, and leaders of the League of Small States.