Monday, December 31, 2007

Governor of Independent Long Island gives 'State of the Island' Speech

State of the Island Address

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As a Cesidian, and in fact the founder of the Cesidian Church, the New Year for me has already begun as I write this, even though it will only begin on Independent Long Island in a little more than 5 hours. This is not the case because I do not live in Independent Long Island, as I’m both a resident and even native born national, but because Cesidians follow the Biel Mean Time or BMT Meridian globally as a time-of-the-day standard, not one of the various time zones to the West or the East of the Greenwich Meridian.

As the year 2007 began, Independent Long Island (ILI) didn’t even exist. ILI was born on 20 August 2007. The first Independent Long Islander besides myself, the first Ilier, a thirty-something male of the County of Kings I’m very proud of, officially registered himself on 22 September 2007.

A significant amount of people found out about Independent Long Island only on 13 September 2007, when The New York Times published a feature about it. To this day, Washington and other capitals around the world even pretend we don’t exist, because they surely do not acknowledge us.

But let us face the facts Iliers: we are the meek, the one’s who shall inherit the Earth itself, so what can these big shots in Washington and elsewhere do for us, or against us really?

We started a country with a dream, and little more than a .ILI top-level domain (TLD). When technical news people on the Internet first reported the existence of the new TLD to the whole world, they didn’t even know whether the story was true or not. Now they know that the Cesidian Root is a real technical marvel, however, made up more of brilliant people, than of multi-million dollar budgets like ICANN.

Later Independent Long Island succeeded in attracting the kudos and acceptance of older and prominent Fourth Worlders (neoindigenous folks) such as Thomas Naylor, Kirkpatrick Sale, and John Papworth. Thomas Naylor even wrote an affectionate letter to me, and ended it with this blessing: “Long live Independent Long Island!”

Later still, ILI began to behave a little like the ‘Big Boys’, declared war against Myanmar, and then ‘invaded’ its Internet when it started the ISO compatible .BU (Burma) TLD for the first time in history. The Burmese around the world still love us to pieces to this very day, and we continue to maintain their .BU TLD, thanks in part also to the good work of our friends at the Dominion of British West Florida.

Recently, we even assisted the Principality of the Pontinha in its actual secession from Portugal. The Principality of the Pontinha is fighting for the recognition of a Regal Letter (the original is kept in the Tower of London) signed by King D. Carlos I of Portugal, which stated that the territory of the said Principality of the Pontinha, the rock where the Fort of Saint José is located just off the shore of the island of Madeira, shall be sovereign. The good man Prince Renato also loves us to pieces!

But fellow Iliers, I’ve worked so hard this year that I could barely write down all that we have done, and I had to end the year with a big bang.

On 29 December 2007, Independent Long Island became a member of the United Commonwealth Society (formerly known as the Federal Commonwealth Society)! Not only the criminal government of Myanmar can still not respond to our DNS canon fire, but they could never join the society I’ve just mentioned. They are simply not worthy!

On 31 December 2007, the Imperial News Service reported, “Negotiations between the Micronational Governments of Independent Long Island, and the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates have concluded; which established official assignment of a “Non-Staffed” Official Office and Embassy Estate Address for the ILI Government, within the Diplomatic District of Imperial City, Capital of the Imperial Commonwealth of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates.”

Not only has Independent Long Island ended the year as a member nation of a great society of nations, but the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates has also allocated for ILI a one acre “Non-Staffed” Official Office Embassy, which will soon be flying our sky blue and orange flag!

Fellow Iliers, with all of this I’m not saying that we are the lions. Lions shall always be lions, as boys shall always be boys! We are just the lambs, not the lions, but we are not lambs without dignity! For the words of the prophet Isaiah are already turning into reality, right here in Independent Long Island: “The wolf will live with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the young goat; the calf, the young lion, and the fattened calf together; and a little child will lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6, World English Bible). Yes, the lions will sit with the lambs, and a little child (innocence) will lead them! This is happening right before your very eyes, fellow Iliers.

May the year 2008 be for all of you a happy, and prosperous new year.

State of the Dominion Speech

As I think of the state of the Dominion of British West Florida, as we enter into the year of Our Lord two-thousand eight, I am reminded of the words of St Paul:

We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed;

Our Treasury is nearly empty, yet we manage to pay our Tribute to our Protectors;

Our Government Ministers are overburden by troubles at home and in public, yet we remain active;

Her Majesty refuses our petition, yet her Loyal Subjects we remain;

The ignorant accuse us of 'treason' yet we remain faithful, to both our local masters and the dream.

My Lords and my fellow Subject of the Crown in Right of West Florida, I tell you this day that the Dominion of British West Florida remains the brightest hope for the restoration of God and Crown governance in the world. We shall continue to be the voice of the People seeking that finest of Governments, lawful, constitutional, effective, active Monarchy.

We have before us a task that would crush lesser folks – but thanks be to God we are West Floridans!

I tell you that the dream is not forgotten, the goal is not changed, the efforts will not slacken. We shall, by the Grace of God continue in our efforts until we are again free, having God as our Source, the Queen as our Sovereign, and a Proper Parliament of Lords and Commons as our Voice.

We are known in the international community through the efforts of our own Rt. Hon. James Alcock, of the United Commonwealth Society. We are made known to the government of the Dominion Realm of Canada by the efforts of our own Rt. Hon. Alan Goudman, high commissioner to Her Majesty's Government in the Provence of Alberta. His Excellency Martin Papenheim serves the Dominion Government as our Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Our Landscape and Queen 'Cinderella' stamps have been moderately popular and have turned a modest profit over to Her Majesty's Treasury in the Dominion of British West Florida. The series will continue, and we shall seek other means to improve our financial position.

Our Flag now flies over the residence of the Earl of Rum in the Grand Duchy of Elsanore, our Embassy to the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates in the American Plains, the High Commission Office in Alberta, in the annual Easter Parade in Scarborough, in the Dominion of Canada, and our own Governor-General's mansion here in the Dominion.

We expect that our Red Ensign and of the Royal Union and the Star of the Dominion of British West Florida will this year be flown in the Caribbean, among more of our Sister Realms, and on the high seas by our new Ambassador of Goodwill, the Lord Imperaor of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates. We also anticipate that it may well be carried proudly to the shores of Europe and the land of the Tsars.

The annual Opening of Parliament this year attracted foreign dignitaries, while our own members of parliament remained absent. We shall work to encourage greater participation in these public events in the coming year.

By God's Grace I shall again come before you in the future to report more of our successes.

God Save the Queen!

Independent Long Island Opens Embassy with the Imperium

-- Imperial News Service

Negotiations between the Micronational Governments of Independent Long Island, and the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates have concluded; which established official assignment of a "Non-Staffed" Official Office and Embassy Estate Address for the ILI Government, within the Diplomatic District of Imperial City, Capital of the Imperial Commonwealth of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates.

A one acre "Non-Staffed" Official Office Embassy has already been allocated to the ILI Government, which brings the current number of Embassy Estates to six; with the Dominion of British West Florida, the Principality of Vikesland, the People*s Republic Of Galt / P.R.O.G., the Federal Republic of Eastern Edinburg / F.R.E.E., and the Protectorates of Parkistan preceding the ILI Government's official request and acceptance.

The Diplomatic District of Embassy Estates was originally a seventeen acre site; but was later down-sized to a ten acre site, which was due to several internal circumstances within the Imperium's Imperial Family and Government.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dominion of British West Florida Holidays for 2008

Official Holidays, and the dates on which they fall for A.D. 2008


Date of Celebration

Additional Information

New Years Day

Tuesday, 1 January

Celebration of Thanks for a New

Twelfth Day

Saturday, 5 January

Twelfth Day of Christmas: 
December 25th Old Style

St. Valentine's Day

Thursday, 14 February

A day to share with one's spouse - undistracted by the cares of normal business.

Good Friday

Friday, 21 March

Solemn Recognition of the Day of
Our Lord Jesus's Death for Our Sins

Easter Monday

Monday 24, April

Celebration of the Risen Lord
and Saviour, Jesus Christ

Liberty Day

Tuesday 15, April

A day to consider and be thankful for the liberties we now enjoy, and pray for those in bondage still.

Restoration Day

Thursday 29, May

Celebration of the Restoration of HM King Charles II to the Throne and his entry into London

Queen's Birthday

Monday, 9 June

Celebrating the Offical Birthday
of our Sovereign Lady, Elizabeth II

Commonwealth Day

Tuesday, 29 July

Celebrating the unity and diversity that the British Commonwealth of Nations (the former British Empire) embraces under Her Majesty the Queen.


Friday, 29 August

Celebrating the Close of Summer

Discoverer's Day

Monday, 20 October

Celebrating the Disoverers (Columbus, Newton, Herschell, and the rest!)


Thursday, 20 November

Feast of Celebration for the
Bountiful Land and Harvest.

Thanksgiving Friday

Friday, 21 November

Second Day of the Feast of Plenty

Christmas Day

Thursday, 25 December

Celebration of the Birth of Our
Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ

Boxing Day

Friday, 26 December

A day set aside to care for those in need.

New Year's Eve

Wednesday, 31 December

Day to Review one's Life and
Make Resolutions

Monday, December 24, 2007

Text of the Governor-General's Christmas Speech

Today we recall and celebrate a unique and wondrous mystery!

Our ears resound to the songs of Joy, the shepherds' song, the angels' hymns of praise and the sound of a virgin mother's lullaby.

He who is above now for our salvation, dwells here below; and we, who were lowly, are exalted by divine mercy.

Two thousand years ago the 'kings of the East' came and they saw the heavenly King that had come upon the earth, not bringing with Him angels, nor archangels, nor thrones, nor dominations, nor powers, nor principalities, but treading a new and solitary path. He has come forth from a spotless womb. He did not come to force us unto Him, but to call us with a sorrowful heart, full of love and tender compassion.

Much has changed since Our Lord first in the flesh appeared among us. But far too many things have remained the same.

Far too many still live under repressive governments, governments that forget that they are to serve as Ministers of God. My heart goes out especially to those in Burma, for whom the yoke of Caesar would seem light.

There remain yet those for whom 'Peace on Earth' is a promise not yet fulfilled. Far too many people live with violence. Not only those engaged in broad and open conflicts like those in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sudan, but also those who face crimes of violence in their own cities and towns, and more shameful still those who face it alone where they should be safe, in their own homes.

Wise men today seek to bring peace and good governance to the world. We cannot afford to forget that Jesus is the Prince of Peace and that the Government shall be upon His shoulders. Government must be based on respect for the dignity and worth of the persons for whom Christ died, and on the understanding that we who are called to minister and serve will be judged by the King of the Universe.

It is the duty of each of us who claim the Name of Christ to be guides for those who do not know the Son of God. Let us not forget that when the Wise Men, be they Magi or Kings, came to Jerusalem in search of Him who was born King of the Jews they were given guidance by those who knew the prophecies.

The wise men of Jerusalem did not condemn those who sought the Babe, nor did they inquire as to the 'religious upbringing' or 'nation of origin' of those who came seeking Him. They honoured the search and helped them on their journey. It is not our duty to change those around us. It is our duty to guide them to Him who can change everything.

I call upon my fellow Christians to remember why Our Lord came, and what He has called us to do. Pray for Peace between God and man, and between men.

Show yourself to be a loving guide, assist those in need, and in so doing share the real meaning of Christmas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

DeWaCo Imperial Grand-Daughter wins honours in Saddle Up of St. Jude Events.

The Lord Imperator's Grand Daughter, Mercedez { a.k.a. "Sadie" } received several group and individual awards from Her 4-H Club recently; which were for Her efforts to the "Saddle Up for St. Jude" Event, whereby She and Her group raised funds for the St. Jude Hospital, located in Memphis, Tennessee.

The event included members riding their horses in a local town parade; as well as, the collecting of funds from family, friends, and concerned citizens.

The "Saddle Up for St. Jude" Event was a tremendous success; not only for the St. Jude's Hospital, but also for each individual's personal growth.

The Awards included: Caps, T-Shirts, Sweat-Shirts, Back-Packs, and Medals; which were monogramed with the official logo of the event on each awarded article.

Mercedez received one of each of the awards.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lord Marshall of the Dominion of British West Florida Dead of Heart-Attack

My fellow subjects of Her Majesty the Queen, and those who have followed the events within the Dominion of British West Florida from other lands,

It is my sad duty to report to you that His Excellency, John Houston, the Lord Marshall has passed away. he was 72 years of age, and had been in good health.

The Lord Marshall was visiting with friends last evening, and while sharing the day's events over coffee had a sudden massive heart attack. He was declared dead on the scene by the Fire and Rescue Emergency Medical Team.

Let us take comfort in the fact that he passed in the presence of friends and did not suffer a long lingering transition.

I will inform you all of the arrangements for his funeral when they are complete. The flag at all Government Facilities will be flown at half-staff on the day of the funeral as a partial expression of our shared grief at the passing of this great man.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dominion of British West Florida Christmas 'Stamps' available

Our 'Cinderella' Christmas Stamps are now available for purchase:

They are available to you at the cost of 4 pence for the three stamp set (1 Block of Stamps), or 1 shilling, 4 pence for the 15 stamp set (5 Blocks of Stamps).
(That's US$ 2.85 and $11.50 respectively).

NOTE: Cinderella stamps aren't recognized by the 'Postal Union' - you'll need to use 'local stamps' for the postage, ours are merely 'endorsement stamps'