Friday, July 06, 2007

Governor-General places Nigeria on the 'Unsafe' List

-- Virtual Pensacola

Following the recent abduction of a 3 year old British Citizen in Nigeria Delta Region, the Government of the Dominion of British West Florida has placed Nigeria on the 'Unsafe and to be avoided' list.

All Subjects traveling on a Dominion of British West Florida passport should re-evaluate the necessity of their stay, and leave Nigeria if their visit is not of a Charitable or Humanitarian nature of such importance as to not admit of delay.

The Governor-General has determined that the government of Nigeria is currently unable to effectively ensure the rule of law within the national territory of Nigeria and has therefor placed Nigeria on the “Unsafe and To Be Avoided” list.

The Dominion of British West Florida is constrained to work with the national governments to protect Subjects traveling abroad and is unable to offer any assurance that such aid would be forth coming in Nigeria or other States on the list.

Subjects having an Urgent Need to travel to Nigeria are advised to contact the British and United States Embassies upon arrival, conduct their business following the advice of the High Commissioner and Ambassador as quickly as possible, and return immediately upon completion of the mission.

Nigeria joins Afghanistan, Burma, Communist China, Eritrea, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Turkmenistan on the 'Unsafe and To Be Avoided' list maintained by the Office of the Governor-General.

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