Thursday, March 08, 2007

West Florida 'gravely concerned' about House of Lords in the UK

-- Press release from the Governor-General, Virtual Pensacola

The Government of the Dominion of British West Florida is gravely concerned by the continued erosion of the Constitutional Framework in Her Majesty's United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

We do not lightly take the step of publicly announcing our concerns. It is from our great love and respect that we feel ourselves constrained to speak. The Tradition of the British Peoples, at home, and in Her Dominions across the sea , has always acknowledged the need for a 'mixed' from of governance. The Sovereign, the Lords, and the Commons. This Style of Governance, was in time past responsible for the greatest expansion of Liberty and Wealth the world has ever known. It should not by lightly tossed into the rubbish-bin of History.

The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits. - Plutarch

The House of Commons in the United Kingdom, having gone down the road of bounties, donations, and benefits to its natural end, has determined to rid itself of the Peers. They are not seeking 'balance' nor liberty. They seek instead to remove those who would stand against them in the destruction of what remains of the Individual's rights and responsibilities. The Hereditary Lords, owing no allegiance to the Commons, and being more resistant to the 'benefits, bounties, and donations' of the Government (funded of course by the tax-payers), are not being removed because they have impeded the expansion of Liberty, nor Justice, nor even Wealth.

The House of Commons, having felt now the power of 'Parliamentary Supremacy' these many years is intent on the elimination of all who would raise a voice against the politically motived actions of the wealthy, and powerful Members of Parliament. These people bring no greater qualifications to office than that of effective marketing of themselves as a product for the voting consumer.

We can not sit in silence as the Mother of Parliaments is strangled by the hands of her own Commons. What all the enemies of the British People have never be able to accomplish: The destruction of her Ancient and Honourable form of Government. This House of Commons has now set about to complete.

May God have mercy on the souls of these people, some of whom act from the sincerest of hearts.
May God grant Wisdom and bring this House of Commons to its senses.
May God Save the Queen and Her Parliament from the intentions of this current House of Commons.

Robert, Duke of Florida, Lord of St. George, GSB
Her Majesty's Governor-General in and for the
Dominion of British West Florida.

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