Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Alan Goudman, HE the High Commissoner to Alberta?

-- Virtual Pensacola

It appears that Alan Goudman, a Citizen of the Dominion of West Florida and of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, now residing in Alberta, the Dominion of Canada, will become the Dominion's First Permanent High Commissioner.

The Governor-General appears ready to grant the Writ of Appointment.

"We have some concerns that we get this one right from the start," Bo, Baron Von Servers, the Head and Governor of Fayette stated, "what with this being our first and all. We've got Ambassadors in place for the various Micronations, but this will be our first attempt to establish formal relations with another of Her Majesty's Governments."

Her Majesty's Government of the Province of Alberta is not expected to formally receive the High Commissioner, but hope remains that a personal meeting between the High Commissioner and Her Majesty's Lt. Governor might be possible.

The prospective High Commissioner is the publisher of the periodical 'The Rose and Crown' and is well known in Monarchist' Circles.

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