Friday, March 16, 2007

As part of his efforts to restore the government of the Dominion of British West Florida to the time honoured "Sovereign, Lords, and Commons" formula the Governor-General has issued three letters of appointment to the House of Commons.

"As you all know, I would much prefer that the House of Commons be filled by election, but at this present time, circumstances do not permit a general election. After much thought and prayer, I have determined that we should re-establish the House of Commons using the constitutionally correct method of 'writs of appointment' to fill 'vacancies' in the Members at Large." - the Governor-General.

The Solicitor General, Thomas Breckenridge apparently supports this method, as he originally canvassed citizens seeking those willing to serve in the restored House of Commons.

The appointees according to the Governor-General's Press release are:
The Honourable Roger Busbice, MP
The Honourable Robert Frank, MP
The Honourable Chris Swanson, MP

The Governor-General has left open the possibility of other appointees. The House of Commons, when fully restored will consist of 90 members, 30 of which are 'at large'.

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