Thursday, March 08, 2007

Red Tony's Butchery

So yesterday that bastion of New Labour the BBC, reported ( on the British government's latest vandalism of the British constitution; by successfully engineering a vote in the House of Commons to not only kick out the remaining hereditary peers, but to also have them replaced with a US style Senate of fully elected peers. Of course while this vote was technically the House simply voicing its opinions on the way they think this so-called reform should go, in reality this was a mere formality by Tony's puppets to give him the symbolic justification he needs to complete his nearly 10 year long, wanton butchery of the House of Lords and complete the UK's democratic dictatorship.

Of course long gone are days in Britain when we enjoyed the liberty of a three-tier system of government that was the envy of the world; under which the King, Commons & Lords balanced each other out through a careful series of checks and balances, designed to secure individual liberty by ensuring that no one political group dominated the other. Of course this decline started the moment King George I ascended the throne in 1714, when power slowly ebbed away from the crown despite the best efforts of his great-grandson King George III to reverse the trend. Still at least the House of Lords could be relied upon to act as the brakes to hasty and rash government legislation, however its power was broken in 1911 by a carefully engineered government coup by Lloyd George with the passage of the Parliament Act, that stripped the House of its veto power when peers dared to challenge the government, over its plans to rob the upper and middle classes to fund its early prototype welfare state; thereby dealing a severe blow to anyone wanting to emulate the American dream on British soil.

For a time the damage was steadied but following the election of the Labour Government in 1945, which created the modern welfare state "from cradle to grave" and nationalized all major industries, through a mix of massive US/Canadian loans and more taxes on the rich. Naturally since most peers at the time were hereditary and didn't owe their position to any political patronage, they were far more inclined to vote according to conscience; which is a dangerous game in politics of course as its a sure way of putting the government on the war path against you.....Thus when the Lords unsurprisingly rejected the socialists rob Peter to pay Paul plan, the government cut the Lords power further by reducing their ability to delay governments legislation from 2 years down to 1.....

Once again the damage was stabilized for a time & the Lords were even able to ride out an effort by Labour PM Harold Wilson to deprive hereditary peers their right to vote in the Lords during the 1960's, but alas such times proved to be but an extended Indian summer for our moral guardians of the realm; when Labour was elected into power by a landslide in 1997 by a gullible British public. In fact the writing had been on the wall for the Lords for some time, as Labour had drawn up their plans to complete their butchery of the constitution during the 1980's while in opposition.

Unfortunately as we all know too well one of Red Tony's earliest acts was to throw out most of the hereditary's in 1999, leaving the House of Lords one staffed mostly by political appointees. Naturally this so-called "reform" stalled for a while, as Tony Blair went down in political history as the prime minister who single handedly appointed more peers, than all his predecessors combined over the last 100 years! Of course while Red Tony's days in office are thankfully numbered with his expected retirement in this year after a 10 year political nightmare, which has seen all hand guns outlawed with a 5 year automatic prison sentence for offenders, while gun crime continues to soar in the cities.....Fox hunting outlawed despite their proven track record in keeping fox predation on livestock in check, a record number of useless and cumbersome laws placed on the statute books, not to mention new compulsory ID cards on the way that the public will need to buy at around $200 U.S each, to name but a few.....

Now of course New Labour's constitutional wreaking is almost complete which is hardly surprising, when a significant minority of its MP's will cross their fingers behind their backs when pledging their oath to Her Majesty and her successor's at election time, with even Red Tony's wife Cherie Blair that "model catholic", is an open republican. Despite being a declared monarchist Tony Blair has simultaneously exposed his republican and American sympathies, by transforming the British constitution into an American mirror, albeit one lacking most if its safeguards; where the prime minister dominates the cabinet, the House of Commons, the House of Lords and in all probability the new and upcoming UK Supreme Court (Scotland and Northern Ireland excepted with their largely separate legal systems.....).

But the most dangerous thing of all about this system its its lack of safeguards on individual liberty, where the government has the will and the ability to slowly chip away at the peoples rights; which it already has by restricting freedom of speech in order to promote its brand of political correctness through the passage of laws outlawing "religious and racial hatred" and of its exposing young and vulnerable people to sexual predators and perverts, by forcing through laws legalizing gay and heterosexual sodomy at 16; and most recently with the impending requirements for ID cards that carry the cardholders fingerprints, retina scans and DNA.....Therefore this latest butchery of the British system of government is merely a symptom of just how far the country has fallen into the political abyss, from the worlds biggest and benevolent imperial power less than 100 years ago; into a socialist ridden, heritage, tradition and liberty hating democratic dictatorship; with even worse portents to come.

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