Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dominion Reports Web Site Activity in February

- Virtual Pensacola, Baron Von Servers

We have had a slightly less active web site this past month (as compared to January). Several factors contributed to this months' decline:

We had 3 full days of no connectivity to the Internet due to issues with our ISP.
February is a 'short' month any way.
We haven't been mentioned in the blogosphere recently.
Last month the membership of the United Commonwealth Society was reviewing our website as they considered offering the Dominion representation on their Council.

Despite these issues, we still had a 'pretty active' site:
629 unique visitors
1,615 visits to the web site
6,301 page views
21,779 "hits"

Commercial (.com)users viewed 3,611 pages
Network (.net)users viewed 1,520 pages
Unknown (ip numbers not registered with DNS) users viewed 655 pages
United Kingdom (.uk) users viewed 123 pages
USA Educational (.edu) users viewed 105 pages
Germany (.de) users viewed 57 pages
United States (.us) users viewed 41 pages
Australia (.au) users viewed 39 pages
Canada (.ca) users viewed 25 pages

We had visitors from many other countries as well.

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