Thursday, November 16, 2006

Storm downs Government Web Servers

- Virtual Pensacola

Government Leaders reported a significant web presence failure this morning. The Dominion Web Sites were off line for almost 4 hours this morning. Officials were quick to point out that no critical services utilize the web, and that the responsibility for the outage was that of the Internet Service Provider (ISP), Reliable Information Systems.

According to a spokesman for Reliable Information Systems, the Government's ISP, "This outage was caused by a failure of the Florida Power and Light's electric grid servicing our cable systems provider. Our systems themselves remained up and running, but it didn't matter, as the connection to the Internet was severed until Comcast Cable was able to restore service. Once FP&L had power restored, Comcast was able to restore cable service quickly, and we were back in business. We will be looking into the possibility of securing secondary routing to the Internet, but secondary routing is expensive, and we have to take costs into account as well."

Government spokesmen refused to comment on the possibility of the Dominion choosing another ISP in the wake of the recent outage.

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