Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Governor-General participates in First Baptist's Fall Festival

His Excellency, the Governor-General attendended the Fall Festival at First Baptist Church, Macclenny, American East Florida on Halloween.

"I saw it as an chance to get out and great the people of the former British Colony of East Florida, and perhaps encourage some of them to join us in our efforts to restore the culture of God and Crown."

The Governor-General assisted with Traffic Control (a more dignified term for 'parking lot attendent'), and served the attendees Sweet Tea, Sprite, and Coke.

"I'm accustomed to being in a position where I provide direction, fear of being run-down by a motorists, however, is not part of my normal duties." the Duke of Florida joked, refering to the driver of a Ford Explorer that was uninterested in following His Grace's direction. When conversation turned to the Governor-General, Duke of Florida, GSB serving refreshements, he said: "The drink table is an wonderful place to 'mix' with the group. Everyone seems to come by, most of them several times. I was able to strike a conversation with a local leader in the Baker County Historical Society. We shall have to see what will become of that"

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