Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Night Results from the Barony Fayette (County Jackson)

Election Night Results from the Barony Fayette (County Jackson),
(Justice Retention, Judge retention, 'US Gubernatorial', and US Federal Elections):

Shall Justice R. Fred Lewis be retained?
YES 6322
NO 5080

Shall Justice Peggy A. Quince be retained?
YES 6313
NO 5067

Shall Justice Barbara Joan Pariente be retained?
YES 6148
NO 5206

Shall Judge Edwin B. Browning Jr. be retained?
YES 6344
NO 4962

Shall Judge Brad Thomas be retained?
YES 6348
NO 4923

Shall Judge Peter D. Webster be retained?
YES 6368
NO 4923

Dem. Jim Davis 5893
Rep. Charlie Crist 6824
WI. Max Linn 175
WI. John Wayne Smith 83
WI. Karl C.C. Behm 47

United States Senate
Dem. Nelson Bill 7982
Rep. Harris Katherine 4852
WI. Frazier Floyd Ray 28
WI. Noah Belinda 50
WI. Tanner Roy 65

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