Monday, November 27, 2006

New Patriotic Video at the Pensacola Provisional Theatre

- Virtual Pensacola

The Dominion of British West Florida's Pensacola Provisional Theatre has announced the inclusion of new Patriotic Video 'Pittance of Time' in its 'Regular Features' section.

The video is dedicated to those who have served in the Wars of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, from World War I to Afghanistan. The Video tells dramatically, in the words of the song, and the images on the screen of the heroism of our 'Boys and Girls', and of the 'rehabilitation' of one self centered consumer in a small town store.

The story line of the video is a young girl, and her father in a store when 11 O'clock comes 'round on 11 November. The young girl, and all the others in the store, bow their heads in silient recollection, but the father, a self-centered consumer does not. As the video runs its course, the father slowly begins to appreciate the momement, and at the end, bows his head too.

A very moving story, and 'Must See' video.

The video is based on, and contains the song of the same title, written by Terry Kelly, published by Jefter Publishing.

The Royal Legion of Canada assisted in the production of the film.

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