Monday, November 13, 2006

Imperium of DeWaCo Estates establishes new Military Academy

-Imperium City

The Imperium of DeWaCo Estates' Ministry Of State Security ( M.O.S.S. ) has established the West-Port Military Academy; which will locate its headquarters at the country crossroads of West Road and Port Road.

West-Port Military Academy has been designed and designated as a "Multi-Military Education Institution"; which will incorporate all four of the divisions of the Ministry Of State Security:

[1] Armed Command / ARM-COM

[2] Naval Command / NAV-COM
( Imperial Naval Armadas: Great Lake Flotilla / Lake Blaxx Flotilla )

[3] Sky Command / SKY-COM
( R/C Divisional Command: Radio / Remote Controlled )

[4] Rocket-And-Missile Command / RAM-COM
( Pocket Rockets: Bottle Rockets & Model Rockets )

The four military divisions of M.O.S.S. will donate one existing site each, to be developed as an internal infrastructure extention of West-Port Military Academy; which will educate its Cadets in practical applications of military tactics and strategies, with emphasis directed more towards a "hands-on" "field" approach, as oppossed to exclusive traditional classroom course studies alone.

This new Military Institutional Complex will combine, both traditional classroom studies and field studies; with the majority of the studies being dedicated to the latter.

This format of studies will cross-train all members of the Imperial Guard; under the idea that "the left hand knows what the right hand is doing".

The Lord Imperator's nephew, who recently returned from the US Iraq War, will soon pay an extended visit to the Imperium; and will donate a major portion of his free time to instruct Cadets of the newly established West-Port Military Academy.

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