Saturday, May 19, 2007

Joint Resolution Commending HRH Prince Henry of Wales.

-- Virtual Pensacola,
The Governor-General's Press Releases

The Houses of Parliament have proposed, And I heartily support the Following Resolution of Support for His Highness Prince Henry of Wales:

Whereas Second Lieutenant His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales has, despite some controversy regarding the matter, chosen to voluntarily serve in the Iraq Theater of Operations with his regiment, The Blues and Royals,

And whereas military service in Iraq is becoming increasingly more hazardous and stressful,

And Whereas the Head of the British Army,General Sir Richard Dannatt has determined it not in the best interest of the service for HRH Prince Henry to be deployed despite his Highness' earnest desire,

We, the members of the Parliament of the Dominion of British West Florida do commend His Royal Highness for his resolve and spirit of selfless service,

And do pray that the Almighty in his infinite wisdom, will see fit to return all his comrades in arms safely to the bosom of their peoples and to bring the blessings of peace and prosperity to the Persian Gulf region.

Bo Register, Marquess of Mobile, Baron Von Servers of Fayette,
Acting Governor-General, His Grace being in Georgia,
in Service to The Dominion of British West Florida

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