Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Acting Governor-General issues Statement on the Death of Guardsman Simon Davison

Statement on the Death of Guardsman Simon Davison
Date: May 7, 2007 10:48PM

The recent death of Guardsman Simon Davison, of Her Majesty's 1st Battalion The Grenadier Guard in Afghanistan has brought to mind again the great debit of gratitude this Dominion owes to those who serve, not just in our own militia, but in the armed service of the Queen in her many realms.

We in Her Majesty's Dominion of British West Florida enjoy the Pax Anglosphere. Her Majesty's forces (Canadian, Australian, and of course British), in conjunction with those of the Rebellious Colonies now styled the United States of America defend freedom for us all. We do not think of the sacrifices made in our behalf often enough. We can be content to have our militia train as reserve policemen and fireman because the 'heavy lifting' of a standing army is done for us by those who have taken to themselves the responsibilities of a majour power in the world.

I call on each of you to reflect on the generosity of these brave souls who stand in the breach for us.

I ask that you pray for them and for their leaders that wisdom may abound as much as bravery.

Once again, so many owe so much to so few. We face a greater threat to our safety and security that Nazi Germany was in the the days of the Battle of Britain We must not let their sacrifice be belittled, their honour impugned, nor they success forgotten.

God Bless the Armed forces of Her Majesty, and yes even those of the United States who today stand as a thin line between those who would destroy us and our implacable foes.

God Save the Queen!

Acting Governor-General, His Grace being in Georgia.

Bo Register, Marquess of Mobile, Baron Von Servers of Fayette

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