Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lord Marshall: Remember the State Opening of Parliament

-- Virtual Pensacola,

From the Public Square:

Each of you who are able to attend, please let me know, so I can properly arrange for a meeting hall.

All Citizens are invited to attend, along with all Members of Parliament.

Attendance, even by the members is NOT mandatory, as our Sovereign Lady will not be in attendance.

Members of Parliament are reminded of the Dress for the Occasion:

All members of both Houses of Parliament (Lords and Commons) wear Black Robes of Office
(like academic or judicial robes in the US).

All Members of the Order of Saint Barnabas should most assuredly wear their medals.

Members of the House of Commons would have a 'Green Cord of Office'. This cord would be knotted at the end with tassels.

The Speaker may add additional distinction to his Robe of Office in a manner of his choosing, provided that no Stole be added.

The Lords:
Barons - a Red Stole
Viscounts - a Yellow Stole
Earls - a Green Stole
Marquess - a Blue Stole
Duke - a Purple Stole
Spiritual – a White Stole

The Stole may have the Coat of Arms of the Lord or his Bishopric embroidered on the wearer's right.

The Symbols of Appointed Office:
Privy Councillors: a Gold Cord, Knotted and Tasseled.
The Lord Marshall: a Baton
The Solicitor General: A White Cord, Knotted and Tasseled.
The Surgeon General: a Red Cord, Knotted and Tasseled.

Holders of multiple distinctions would wear both, in the case of the Stole, the higher distinction uppermost, in the case of Cords of Office, the higher distinction being outermost.

For example:

Nita, the Countess of Louisiana would wear the Yellow Stole of her original title of Viscount and over that the Green Stole of her present Earldom.

The Surgeon General would wear the Yellow Cord of the PC nearest his neck, and the Red Cord of the Surgeon General outside of that.

John Houston, Lord Marshall

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