Monday, May 21, 2007

Stamp Landscapes to be chosen in Open Contest.

-- Virtual Pensacola

The Stamps and Stationery Select Committee has announced an 'open contest' to promote the provision of landscape images for the new 'Landscapes and Queen' series.

Contestants who submit the 'winning image' for each barony or title domain will receive:
1) A complimentary sheet (15 stamps) of the stamps featuring the image they provided.
2) Recognition on the Stamps page in the Commercial District.
3) A Certificate of Appreciation from the Marquess of Mobile as Chairman of the House of Lords' Select Committee on Stamps and Stationery.

Images submitted must be the property of the submitter, and copyrights must be released to the Dominion of British West Florida, its subsidiary units, and Reliable Information Systems and its contractors.

Images may be submitted via the Dominion's public square, or emailed to the Marquess of Mobile.

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