Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Most Honourable Police Officer Nicola Cotton, Hero of Justice

The Most Honourable Police Officer Nicola Cotton, Hero of Justice was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a rape suspect in a parking lot off of Earhart Boulevard.

As she attempted to put a handcuff on the man, who was twice her size, he pulled away and began to struggle. During the struggle she lost control of her radio, but was able to recover it and called for assistance. As the struggle continued the suspect gained control of Officer Cotton's baton, and struck her with it. He was then able to gain control of her duty weapon and shot her fifteen times.

Responding units arrived at the scene approximately two minutes after Officer Cotton was shot and located the suspect still holding her service weapon. He was taken into custody by the responding officers.

Officer Cotton had served with the New Orleans Police Department for two years and was eight weeks pregnant at the time of her murder.


Anonymous said...

This is a most tragic event; I simply cannot imagine how distraught the family of Officer Cotton must be.

Is there an address where we might offer condolences and notes of sympathy?

BaronVonServers said...

Agreed. We must remember her family in prayer, and show our support for them in tangible was as well.

Perhaps the best place to express our condolences would be on the 'Officer Down Memorial Page: