Friday, March 14, 2008

Grand Prince Christopher I of Vikesland Announces Modified State Visit Plans

His Serene Highness Grand Prince Christopher I of Vikesland announced that he intends to visit a few micronational states and their leaders on his State Tour through the Macro states of the U.S.

HSH announced that the State visit with President Baugh of Molossia in Nevada remained 'on' that he hoped to have micronations within reasonable driving distance come and visit with TSH the Grand Prince Princess and at their temporary embassy and campsite in Dayton state park (in Nevada).

The State Tour will then extend out into Northern Nebraska and up through the Dakotas. A major stop will happen in Sout Dakota in the Rushmore/Tombstone area. HSH extended a special invitation to the Imperium to come and drive out for the visit there.

Due to time and budget constraints the State Tour will not extend into California or Missouri like we hoped. We still hope to meet with Micronational leaders who can make it out.

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