Sunday, March 23, 2008

DBWF - Vikesland Teleconference Held

On Sunday March 23rd (Easter Sunday) HSH, Prince Christopher I of Vikesland had a teleconference with H.E. Bo Register, HM's Governor-General in and for the Dominion of British West Florida.

Many topics from the weather to crime to Government laws were spoken about while the conference was held. Shared experiences were discussed, as well as shared hopes for their respective peoples. Personal Liberties were at the core of many of the items of discussion.

HSH Prince Christopher I commented aftwards that it was "A first of many teleconferences to help solidify our friendship between our two nations."

The Governor-General echoed the sentiment stating that "In today's 'democracy by force' world, the Monarchies must work together for peace and stability. The Principality of Vikesland, is another example of constitutional monarchy, a very effective government, and a protector of the Liberty of the People"

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