Monday, April 02, 2007

Imperium of DeWaCo Estates announces 'Flag of Convenience' program

-- Open Mircronational Forum

The Imperial Government has Virtually, Formally, and Officially
Established itself as a Merchant Nation for Maritime Commerce;
and in so doing, offers selected nations a Fee-Free "Flag of Convenience".

Merchant Marine "Flags of Convenience" are offered by several macro
nations around the world; with the African nation of Liberia hosting /
hoisting the most flags, followed by Panama, Haiti, Honduras, and
Lebanon, with these nations all requiring a registration fee for such

By registering one's ships under a foreign flag , the ship owners / operators
can operate their ships with lower-paid crews, avoid many strict safety
regulations mandated by the US and several other nations, and pay lower taxes.

In times past, there have even been "land-locked" macro nations which
have been known to offer similar services to other commercial sea-faring
nations; even though that nation itself, was without a navy, or a merchant
fleet, or even a port-of-call of it's own.

This Official Offer is more of a Symbolic Statement, than a viable project;
as Formal and Official Recognition from the "macro" community of nations,
must first be requested and then received, prior to any such or similar project
ever being granted any real respect or acceptance.

It is to be expected, initially no "macro" state will accept the Imperium's
Generous Offer; however, the Imperium prides Herself with the fact,
that Her Government pioneered the possibility of such a micro-to-macro project.

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