Monday, April 02, 2007

Grand Prince Christopher I of Vikesland announces Summer Royal Schedule

-- Vikesland Broadcasting Service Forum

I have plans this summer of doing a few things in regards to our security forces. These all include me doing something related to Military, police or search and rescue operations.
I plan on doing a ride along with the R.C.M.P and the Brandon City Police department as part of the documentary series. This may include me firearms training with them and helping enforce the laws of Canada while out on patrol.

I will be doing something at the Shilo Military Base be it training or riding along in a training mission with the 2nd Battallion Princess Patricias Canadan Light Infantry and the 1 Royal Canadian Horse artillary. Perhaps fire an artillary gun and launch a missile.

I will be flying a plane with a yet appointed Captain of the Vikeslandic air force doing a recon mission over the Royal ranchlands and surrounding Canadian Territory.

I will be taking a ride on a sailing vessel and learning basic seamanship as part of the initiation of our Royal Navy. THEN!! I will take a boat and go searching for the legendary Manipogo lake Monster. (Should be fun).

I hope to fly in a fighter jet with a Lieutenant of the Royal Canadian Air Force or with the legendary Snowbirds fighter aerobatics team.

And in a somewhat related vien, I will be doing a segment with our rocketry programm with a professional rocketeers and hope to launch a high powered rocket equiped with a camera into the upper atmosphere.

This is my list that I hope I can get done this summer.

Prince Christopher I

The Rocketry program will involve low-level flights only, and will include visible light cameras.


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