Thursday, April 19, 2007

Imperium Citizen convicted of Illegal trade in Viral Software

This Report compiled from information obtained from highly placed DeWaCoian sources, the Open Micronational Forum, and the Imperial News Service,

The Imperial Government discovered earlier this week (the 17th) that one of it's Citizens, who is actively engaged in the study and production of Virtual Viruses, has admitted to the selling of some of the programs which he had designed on his own; as well as, some programs which he had collaborated on with Citizens from the People*s Republic Of Galt / P.R.O.G. and the Federal Republic of Eastern Edinburg / F.R.E.E.

The selling or advancing of such information to any other individual, or organization, or government is strictly against the Laws of the Land of the Imperial Commonwealth of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates; as such actions can lead to the Proliferation of Virtual Viruses, and can run the risk of drawing the interest of "macro" authorities as well.

Upon receiving the news, the Imperial Government immediately contacted the individual who was identified as being the buyer, and demanded that the programs be returned to the Imperium within 24 hours; however, the individual who was identified as being the buyer expressed that he was innocent of such charges and allegations, and also indicated that he was being falsely accused due to unrelated events, and so refused to comply to the Imperium's demands.

The Imperial Government conducted a quick-but-quite interrogation of it's Citizen, and believes his side of the story; even though he is now considered as a "Traitor", and will bear that burden for a lengthy period of time.

The Imperial Government was later (18 April) pleased to announce, that all of the programs which were purchased have been returned, and the money refunded to the "buyer", who guaranteed that he had not
copied any of the programs; which the Imperial Government has accepted the "buyer's" statement at face-value.

With regards to the Imperium's "Traitor", he will remain isolated from his other associates for an indefinite period of time; and access to his finances has been frozen as well.

The Lord Imperator is quoted as saying:

It was real.........and the "Traitor" is a member of the Imperial Family;
and yes, he was taken before I am a very vital part of our
Court System....and he was found guilty-as-charged....and is now
serving his sentence / punishment.
[ i.e. House Arrest....Held Incommunicado....Finances Frozen....Stripped
of all Titles / Ranks for a period of time ]

You have to remember.........the Imperium is a micronation which is
rooted in the "LifeStyle" side of micronationalism.....not "Sim".....and
not as a "Hobby".

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