Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Imperium Receives Indirect Military Aid from US!

-- Staff Writer

The US actually provides military hardware – at discount - to the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates!

Sources within the Imperial Family have recently bragged about the ability of the Imperial Government, through the use of 'proxy agents' and willing 'middle-men', whose interest is driven purely by profit, to obtain first class, operable, military hardware from the United States Government.

Though the Imperium denies that any 'Lethal Materials' have been part of the exchange, it does freely admit to obtaining “canteens, rafts, tents, metal ammo cans, wood ammo crates, military belts, military parkas, military headwear, military leather gloves, military jump-boots, military flash-lights, military socks, military mess-kits, etc, etc, etc......”

The military budget funds saved by the purchase of these items, “at discount prices”, may of course be spent by the Imperial MOSS on other 'more valuable items'. The IMOSS has declined to discuss the size of its budget, nor has it published any data regarding the size of the savings made available by this indirect 'Military Aid' from the United Sates.

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