Thursday, June 19, 2008

Governor-General Authorizes Release of Baronial Strategic Materials

The Governor-General has approved the release of materials from the Barony of Fayette's Strategic Reserves to assist a local family.

The Barony has released five (5) gallons of potable water for cooking and drinking along with 55 gallons of non-potable water for sanitary and hygienic uses. The recipients are a local family whose electricity has been disconnected, resulting in not only the loss of lights, air-conditioning, and refrigeration, but as they are on a private well, they've also lost access to 'running water.

The Baronial Government will continue daily delivers of these supplies until the family is able to have electric service restored.

A spokesman was quoted as saying 'We'll replenish the reserves on a daily basis – at Baronial Expense, the exchequer's office will not be involved”.

The family has also been granted access to the Baronial Cold Storage Facility.

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