Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Imperium Declares Martial Law

-- Imperial News Service

In wake of the recent storms, which has left the Imperium's river water levels over-flowing into farm fields already saturated, the Imperial Govt has issued a State of Emergency, and declared the Imperial City Capital Zone / CZ to be a National Disaster Area; and in so doing, has initiated
Martial Law to be in effect until such time that day-to-day operations can resume.

Martial Law was ordered due to the fact that there have been several recent attempts by "terrorist" [ vandals / thiefs ] to steal the Ministry Of Agriculture's / M.O.A. fuel reserves from fuel-storage tanks and equipments.

The Ministry Of State Security / M.O.S.S. has purchased several "Watch Dogs" [ "Junk Yard Dawgs" ], and has established protective barriers tohelp keep "terrorist" away from the fuel-storage tank facilities, but allows the "Watch Dogs" [ "K-9 Patrol" ] access within the barrier. Security lights equipped with off-and-on timers [ sunset-to-sunrise ], and motion sensors which sound a loud siren-alarm within seconds of being intersected, have been installed as well.

Rising high prices on imported* [ * local US mkts / businesses ] fuel, fertilizers, chemicals, and lower than expected / projected [ wanted and needed ] prices on livestocks, along with the storms / weather, are forcing the Imperium into internal-recession; which could result in a remapping of
the Imperium, if the situations continue as they have.


As of today, the major flooding has been isolated in several of the Imperium's lower-lying lands, and has yet to breach DeWaCo Road, and reach any of the Imperial City's structures...i.e. buildings, silos, sheds, bins, etc....
CommiCzar ~ Lord Imperator

-- Staff Writer Update.
Micronational governments from Independent Long Island to Vikesland have offered assistance and support to the Imperium during the crises. World leaders have committed to prayer on behalf of the Imperial Family and Subjects.

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