Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Vikesland Launches Royal Navy

-- Vikeslandic Broadcasting Service

Vikesland has joined the 'Naval Powers'. In an official statement, released from Brandon Royal Compound, the Grand Prince is quoted as saying: "On September third I had the privilege to officially start the Naval division of our Vikeslandic Security forces. This was kicked off with the launch of a small sailing vessel simply known as Betty, a catamaran designed for two/three sailors. The Craft is owned by Admiral Nathan Town, citizen of Vikesland and a good friend of mine.

"He and I took the ship out for the first official naval training run in Lake Winnipegosis ( A very huge inland lake). The run was succesful but slow due to little winds. The second day out was very good as the winds were high that day and we got the ship up to about 50km/h (30mph). There will be more naval training excercises in the future."

A video of the launch is available on youtube.

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