Saturday, September 01, 2007

Marquess of Mobile Celebrates Summerset by baby-setting!

The Marquess of Mobile, celebrated Summerset in the home of Mib and Roxann Buckminister (yes, that is their real names!). Unlike usual celebrations of the holiday, Mr. and Mrs. Buckministers themselves were not at home.

Mrs Buckminister's daughter, Melissa was celebrating a 'Labour Day' of her own, as she attempted to deliver her first son. However as the day wore on, and the child did not come forth, concerned physicians began to discuss the possibility of the need for a c-section delivery. Due to the additional stress associated with such a delivery the Buckministers determined that their presence at the hospital was not an 'option' but a necessity.

With the late notice, and the holiday week-end, normal childcare arraingments were not available for 1-year old Jude (the Buckminister's youngest child). They contacted the Marquess' office of family support for assistance. The Marquess' office then contacted the closest Baronial Office in an attempt to find suitable childcare on short notice. The nearest office (the Marquess' own Barony of Fayette) was unable to find a matron willing to make the drive into Spanish East Florida over a US Holiday known for its drunken drivers. After discussion with the Buckministers the Marquess himself took the job.

The Marquess was quoted as saying "This is part of what I am, and of what I do. I some times see myself as a minister - and ministry to families, helping them to help themselves, and to grow closer as a unit - is the core ministry of any society. "

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