Wednesday, September 26, 2007

United Confederation of Hochungra declares itself Sovereign

The Socialist Union of Kaldonia, the Kingdom of Tykresh, and the Citizenry Republic of Bitovia have now formally united towards one goal, and our micronationalism has a purpose. Let it be known that on this day, September 26th, 2007, these three nations united as the United Confederation of Hochungra, to declare that we will not stand for the actions of the United States, who deceived the Hochungrans into annexation.

The areas they owned in Northeastern Illinois were ironically the lands that Bitovia, Tykresh, and Kaldonia claimed as their own. The areas they lived in within Wisconsin had been ceded to the Americans peacefully and legally, but a controversial (and forced) treaty in the early 1800s forced the Hochungrans off their land in northeastern Illinois, an action we believe to be a violation of Article IV, Section III of the United States Constitution (more information will be given in the "History" section of the new website, I just don't feel like typing the details twice ). The Hochungrans (they now call themselves the Ho-Chunk) have revitalized themselves as an Indian tribal nation, but seem to have abandoned challenging the controversial treaty and reclaiming their land in Illinois.

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