Thursday, November 04, 2010

Commiczar Extends Invitation for Multinational State Tour

Once again, the Imperial Family and Government extends an Official Open Invitation to any micronationalist / micronation that wishes to join the Officers and Officials of the Imperial Government next spring, for the Imperial Government's Annual "State Visits" to several of the Island Nations of the Caribbean Sea, and Central America.

As has been the case for over the past / last 6-to-7 years now, the annual, and now traditional, "Cloth & Colors Shown & Flown" Events will still play an important portion of all "State Visits"; with many mini-movies and Official Info-Photos produced and provided by MicroFilms, Ltd.; thereby, authorizing joint-ownership-rights of said productions.

Heads of State, Government Ministers, and other Micronationalists are encouraged to contact the Imperium Government to discuss itinerary and make reservations.

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