Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vikesland Reports Increase in Border Violations

-- Vikelandic Broadcasting Company

Illegal incursions onto Vikesland have been on the rise the past few months. The individuals taking these illegal actions do so using ATV's or snowmobles. They incur damages to gates and roads without any regard for the land owners or Vikesland itself.

In one case a steel gate was completely removed from its location to allow tresspassing to occur. This very afternoon a group was spotted driving ATV's onto Vikeslandic soil. Myself and the Grand Duke took our own AtV's and searched for them but to no avail.

We sat and pondered ways to up automated security. It was agreed that remote motion sensing cameras was the best route. Any tresspassers caught on camera will be given to Macro authorities and charged.

A separate incident involving a trespasser into the compound of the Vikesland Embassy in Brandon occured last week. Myself the Prince chased off the intruder without any problems. Lighting for the compound will be increased in hopes of further pre-empting intruders.

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