Tuesday, March 24, 2009

G-G Attends League of Small Nations Meeting

-- Wintworth House

The inaugural meeting of the revitalized League of Small Nations was held this past Saturday. Representatives of the Dominion of British West Florida (GG Register), Grand Duchy of Greifenberg (Paul, Grand Duke of Greifenberg), Republic of Molossia (President Baugh), and the Principality of Vikesland (Prince Christopher I) were present.

After some initial technical difficulties the meeting was called to order by His Grace Paul, Grand Duke of Griefenberg. The charter, and officers were approved in short order.

Molossia nominated the acting Secretary-General, (The Grand Duchy of Griefenberg) for Secretary-General, the nomination was seconded by the Principality of Vikesland and received unanimous consent.

Vikesland nominated Molossia as Treasurer, British West Florida seconded the motion, and Molossia was elected, again by unanimous consent.

A discussion of expulsion of members who appeared unwilling or unable to meet their obligations to the League then followed. British West Florida argued for the benefit of the doubt to be extended to those nations who had not yet made their intentions plain to the League. After much discussion it was agreed that while the league's patience is not infinite, the nations in question would be offered one more opportunity to show their ability to meet their obligations.

Discussion then turned to the Summit Conference. It was agreed that the Summit would be held in or near Saint Louis, with all member state delegations to arrive by the evening of 7 October 2010. Grand Duke Paul graciously agreed to take the lead in organizing the site and events.

The League agreed that the Treasurer would maintain the league's funds in a special account under their name and the authority of the League. A new account will be created by subsequent treasurers with remaining funds transferred from the old treasurer to the new following the transfer of the office.

The League agreed to work together on a League web page, to be ready before the Summit. Molossia graciously agreed to to continue to host the League web page, and to remain as its web master, until other arrangements could be made.

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