Friday, January 02, 2009

Chairman of Lord's Select Committee on Heraldry and Arms Resigns

-- Public Message from the Governor-General

My Lords and Ladies, Fellow Subjects of Her Majesty the Queen, and notable visitors;

I have received from our King of Arms, the Lord Jon Lawrence, Baron Baldwin a letter of resignation from the office of King of Arms and Chairman of the Lords Select Committee on Heraldry and Arms.

Though we shall regret the loss of so able a man's services, in view of the reasons given I find the only proper, wise, and charitable action is accept his resignation, release him from all duties as King of Arms, excuse him from the Chairmanship, and grant him leave to attend to his duties elsewhere while remaining Her Majesty's right trusty and beloved Baron of Baldwin.

I ask that you join me in prayers for Grand Duke Phillip I's swift and full recovery, as well as for the Baron Baldwin, and his new Government of Westarctica.

I have attached a portion of the Baron Baldwin's Letter:

Her Majesty's Governor-General, Lords and Ladies of the House of Lords:

I Jon-Lawrence, Baron of Baldwin will no longer be able to serve Her Majesty in the role of Chair of the Heraldry Committee. I regret that I must adopt a much lesser hand in the Dominion. Providence has called me to return to a more active position in the Governance of the Dominion's staunch ally, the Grand Duchy of Westarctica.

As some of you know Phillip I of Westarctica has fallen ill. His health and his family are, as they should be, his primary concerns. I ask that the Dominion find the time to pray for Phillip's swift recovery.

Phillip has chosen to sever ties with the Grand Duchy. With the support of Westarctica's founder, Travis McHenry, members of the the nation's cabinet, and Westarctica's citizens, I have become the third Grand Duke of Westarctica.

To cement the relationship between our nations, I would be honored to continue to serve as Her Majesty as her Baron of the beloved Baldwin.

As ever your servant,

Baron of Baldwin

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