Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Micronational Leader Support 'Olympic Spirit' While Boycotting 2008 Summer Games

Micronational Leader Support 'Olympic Spirit' While Boycotting 2008 Summer Games

-- Staff Writer

Micronational Leaders, including the Governor-General of our own Dominion and the Lord Imperator of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates have joined macronational leaders from Europe in boycotting the opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games in Communist China. Some, including the Lord Imperator of the Imperium have also declared a boycott against the games in their entirety.

This rejection of the Games in China doesn't reflect a rejection of the spirit of the Olympics – camaraderie through sport competitions. Many of the leaders boycotting the games or opening ceremonies do so, as they see it, to strengthen the spirit of the Games, and to promote friendship and sovereignty through out the world.

Many leaders have shown their support for the Games themselves, and the players from across the globe. Some by attending the Games (skipping only the Opening Ceremonies), some by public statements, and some by concrete actions.

The Lord Imperator, is among those who actively support the Olympic Ideals – he is a coach and driver for the Missouri Special Olympics. While broadcast of the Games in Communist China will be banned in the Imperium, the Imperial Family will be supporting the Missouri Special Olympics by direct participation, financial support, and logistical support.

In like manner the Governor-General will attend a 'pan commonwealth' Cricket tourney in August, stating 'This is what 'international sport' is about – people, ordinary people, from different places coming together for a friendly game, and a good time. The fact that we can share this aspect of our culture helps us to be able share others as well, and to share with our neighbors is a 'good thing'.

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