Sunday, February 10, 2008

Imperium Releases Information on its Arms Export Program

-- Imperial News Service

The Ministry Of State Security / M.O.S.S. has released information, regarding the recent sell of several weapons owned by the Imperium, to the People*'s Republic Of Galt / P.R.O.G., and the Federal Republic of Eastern Edinburg / F.R.E.E.

P.R.O.G. purchased the following three weapons from the Imperium:

1 Winchester 12 GA / Model 96
1 Winchester 20GA / Model 101
1 Stevens Double Barrel 410 / Model 311

F.R.E.E. purchased the following two weapons from the Imperium:

1 Remington Automatic 12GA / Model 1100
1 Remington Deer Rifle 700MAG / Model 700

Originally all five weapons were to be purchased by two of the three Leaders of the Imperial Protectorates of Parkistan [ Imperial Govt's Given Name ]; however, as the current crisis between the Imperial Government and the illegal Parkistan Regime remains unresolved,
and appears to be at a stalemate for some time, it was decided to make the weapons sell / deal with the two Leaders of the two other Member States of the Imperial Commonwealth.

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