Tuesday, January 08, 2008

HSH the Grand Duke of Elsanor completes state visit to Europe.

-- Pelican Broadcasting System - Jan. 4th, 2008

Representing Elsanor, the Grand Duke regularly makes official visits in Elsanor and abroad. He also receives heads of state and other foreign guests on official visits to Grand Duchy of Elsanor. This is one way in which he represents the Realm.

On January 4th, His Serene Majesty returned from his trip to the United Kingdom. Having left on the 27th of December, His Majesty spent a full week traveling through England, Wales and southern Scotland. His Serene Majesty has proclaimed the highlight of the trip to be his stay in London for the New Years Eve festivities.

While abroad, His Serene Majesty met with Matthew Pierce, an old friend and citizen of Elsanor since 2004. Matthew currently resides in Perth, Australia. The two arranged their holidays so as to provide for a rendezvous for a few days.

His Majesty counts among the highnotes of the trip his visit to the Tower of London, an excursion to Buckingham Palace, the lush scenery in Cumbria, a ride on the London Eye, the numerous art and history museums, and of course his arrival at the seat of Ball power in Scotland- Traquair Castle, just north of Edinburgh.

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