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Dominion of British West Florida Holidays for 2008

Official Holidays, and the dates on which they fall for A.D. 2008


Date of Celebration

Additional Information

New Years Day

Tuesday, 1 January

Celebration of Thanks for a New

Twelfth Day

Saturday, 5 January

Twelfth Day of Christmas: 
December 25th Old Style

St. Valentine's Day

Thursday, 14 February

A day to share with one's spouse - undistracted by the cares of normal business.

Good Friday

Friday, 21 March

Solemn Recognition of the Day of
Our Lord Jesus's Death for Our Sins

Easter Monday

Monday 24, April

Celebration of the Risen Lord
and Saviour, Jesus Christ

Liberty Day

Tuesday 15, April

A day to consider and be thankful for the liberties we now enjoy, and pray for those in bondage still.

Restoration Day

Thursday 29, May

Celebration of the Restoration of HM King Charles II to the Throne and his entry into London

Queen's Birthday

Monday, 9 June

Celebrating the Offical Birthday
of our Sovereign Lady, Elizabeth II

Commonwealth Day

Tuesday, 29 July

Celebrating the unity and diversity that the British Commonwealth of Nations (the former British Empire) embraces under Her Majesty the Queen.


Friday, 29 August

Celebrating the Close of Summer

Discoverer's Day

Monday, 20 October

Celebrating the Disoverers (Columbus, Newton, Herschell, and the rest!)


Thursday, 20 November

Feast of Celebration for the
Bountiful Land and Harvest.

Thanksgiving Friday

Friday, 21 November

Second Day of the Feast of Plenty

Christmas Day

Thursday, 25 December

Celebration of the Birth of Our
Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ

Boxing Day

Friday, 26 December

A day set aside to care for those in need.

New Year's Eve

Wednesday, 31 December

Day to Review one's Life and
Make Resolutions

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