Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Kingdom of Hanover to establish "island" in the virtual world.

The Kingdom of Hanover has unveiled plans rent an "island" in the virtual world, Second Life.

With over a thousand dollar commitment in the first six months, this is a big investment for the Kingdom, but one which her King, Alexander I, believes will have many dividends for the Kingdom. Second Life offers a 3d environment for citizens to interact, and allows the kingdom to convey a vision as to what Hanover aims to be to the millions of second life users.

The Kingdom hopes to offset the costs of maintaining the Kingdom's second life presence by engaging in the second life real estate market.

More information about the ongoing development of the Kingdom of Hanover's second life colony can be found at the New Bergen blog.
This bill currently before the Hanoverian parliament would establish the legal basis for the colony.

Anyone with a Second Life avatar can contact Aderyn Villiers (SL name) or Hanover Dench (SL name) for more information, or just a chat


Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping raise awareness of New Bergen.

BaronVonServers said...

You are welcome.

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