Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Micronational Prayer Group Founded

- 5WC and contributing editors

Micronational Prayer Group (MPG). was founded by Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini, High Priest of the Cesidian Church, and Chaplain of good men and women of all faiths.

The MPG is a ecumenical prayer group uniting many different micronational churches and religions for the purpose of special and united prayer.

The MPG is open to any religious group that could be legally accepted in the Fifth World Council (5WC): any Christian and Jewish denomination, any Buddhist school, any Hinduist or Vedic school, any Pagan, as well as any member of the Cesidian Church (Cesidians).

The MPG hopes to encourage people of diverse faiths towards weekly and special prayer sessions whose purpose is to foster micronational growth and success.

The First Session is scheduled for next Sunday (21 January 2007).

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