Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Open Micronation Forum Established

- Virtual Pensacola

The Baron Von Servers has announced that a open micronational forum has been established at The new international debate society has as one of its main goals the exchange of ideas, information, and discussion among micronationalists from all micronations.

"This isn't a DBWF forum, or an Imperium forum, nor it is even a 5WC forum. It is shared resource for the entire world of micronationalists." the Baron was quoted as saying during discussions on the subject.

The new forum will be open to anyone who wants to talk about micronational issues, from the 'just-for-fun school student' to the 'deadly serious secessionist'. The Baron will function as on the moderators on the board, to ensure that civility is maintained, but has stated that he will not censor the discussions based on their political content.

The Baron stated that "No one who is willing to remain civil should be prevented from expressing their ideas. I see this forum as an alternative to others on the network where a narrow definition of 'micronationalism' is enforced. I have no intention of having that happen on this board. If folks can say it within the bounds of civility and morality, then they will have a chance to say it here."

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